Last Minute Gift Guide

Good morning sweet readers!

Christmas is one of my very favorite things! I love the joy, the celebration, the traditions, the nostalgia, the family.

I am so grateful for Jesus Christ coming as a baby- the whole reason we celebrate.

Today I have a little list of some fun gift ideas if you are still doing last minute shopping. These items are all from Amazon, so you can still get them in time for Christmas!

I have a pretty wide variety in this list, including a few “guy gifts”, some fun stuff for the fitness gurus on your list, good reads for bookworms, etc. In fact, if your Christmas shopping is all done, you just may want to go buy a few of these things for yourself!

Without further ado, Allison’s Last Minute Gift Guide…..a compilation of items I use and LOVE (just click on the items to shop!):

Whey Protein Powder– This is the whey protein powder I use and I LOVE. It has no added fillers, doesn’t taste weird (just a nice little vanilla taste in your shake), and is pure protein!!

Creotine Powder– Guys or gals looking to build muscles will love this!

Larabars– These little gems are DELICIOUS!!! There are a variety of flavors, but my personal favorite is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (the one I linked). These would make great stocking stuffers- you could buy the box and use them for a bunch of people!

Tim Hortons Coffee– This is a really delicious, inexpensive coffee that I have fallen in love with since I was introduced to it in Canada.

Stash Tea– If you are buying gifts for tea lovers, this tea is high quality and just plain delicious. I am linking a very fun assortment….again, this will give you multiple gifts for a great price.

Caribou Coffee K Cups– Just. So. Good.

Tranquility skirt– This fantastic skirt is available right now for less than $8!!! Ladies, just trust me when I say that this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE skirt and any gal on your list who loves simple + feminine + versatile clothing will love this one! I have an entire post on it coming soon, but let me tell you- I (and my sis and sis in loves) wear these skirts every week for everything from cleaning to running errands to church, and not only do we love them, but they are incredible quality. They run true to size, by the way.  Ok, that’s the end…..if you don’t get one, it’s your loss! (If you want to know how serious I am about these skirts, I am going to order another today because I literally don’t want to be without it when mine is in the laundry!)

Trendy United Skirt (long)– Again, this is a beautiful skirt, and on this one I especially love the details of pockets and shirring. The fabric is incredibly soft, too. I have the dusty blue, and absolutely love it. These also run true to size.

Trendy United Skirt (shorter lengths)– I have the “below knee” length in burgandy and it’s amazing! It is perfect tucked or untucked, casual or dressy, sandals or boots,etc.

Burts Bees Lipstick– I am very picky about my lipstick, because I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, or slather a million toxins on my lips, or feel completely dried out after wearing it. This stuff fits the bill! I love the Brimming Berry color so much! And it’s on sale right now for $6.43, which I think is an amazing deal!!!

My Favorite Mascara– It’s a fantastic mascara, enough said.:)

My Favorite Face Mask– Read all about it here.

Pens– Again, personal favorite, and just an incredible pen!!

Violin Books– I did a whole post here about the our favorites.

20 Top Books for Singles– Check out this post for some great book ideas.


The Family– This books is INCREDIBLE.

Reading People– A fun read for the personality guru!

Alrighty, friends, that’s all for today! I hope this is helpful to you in your last minute shopping! 


(This post contains affiliate links- read my full disclosure policy here)

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Life in Black and White

“That’s when I realized what a true friend was. Someone who would always love you- the imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you- because that is what people are supposed to do.” 

My dear Chels has been the truest if the true, the best of the best. The sweetest friend + sister a girl could have. We are squeezing in lots of memories before she heads off in just three weeks. Random chats, drinking coffee together, a fantastic + super later movie night, and every other little thing possible. Ahh, these are sweet days yet we are both so excited for the new chapter starting.

“The more you celebrate your life, the more there is to celebrate.” -Oprah Winfrey

Especially celebrating the beautiful gifts of love + marriage these days! This beautiful attic bridal shower was stunningly unforgettable- an elegant sit down dinner, an eclectic devotional, praying around the circle, lots of beautiful gifts, and homemade cheesecake and brownies over sweet fellowship. It was perfectly elegant, relaxed, and joyful.

“The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children.”

Holding this precious gem and watching her fall asleep- it was my favorite church service in a long time!

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

This Christmas Production we get to be a part of is impossible, with so many elements and moving parts and a motley crew of volunteers. But God is good and our faith is stretched through this mountaineous endeavor.

“Enjoy the little things in your life….for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.”

These precious little ladies are some of the “little things” that are actually so important in life. My precious little sisters. One morning we slowed down for a ladies breakfast, I took them with me to run errands just cause, and we ended up going out for coffee. These are the days!

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Men’s Work vs. Women’s Work- is there a Difference?

What is the difference between men’s work and women’s work? Is there a difference?

I had a reader ask me about the difference of “men’s work” and “women’s work” awhile back, and after some conversation on the subject, I promised to put a few thoughts into a post.

There is so much confusion surrounding this topic. We want to follow God’s plan for our womanhood, but problems happen when we start taking our cues from pop culture, or conservative culture, or any culture or group.

First, I want to share with you a few resources on this topic:

-The book Girl Defined (find it here) has THE BEST explanation I have ever read on what Biblical Womanhood really is. They do a fantastic job explaining some core truths about womanhood and how that relates to our work and relationships. I highly recommend this book for all women!

-My post “Hard Workin Gals: Should Christian Girls Have Jobs?” explores why hard work and earning income is totally Biblical.

-The initial comments that sparked this post:

“Hi Allison! It was interesting for me to hear that you have done landscaping work! My oldest brother owns and runs a landscaping business and I am able to help him out (and earn a paycheck by doing bookkeeping and making lunches. However, my brother prefers that I not get out and work with him on the job for several reasons: femininity, “gender roles,” and the overall hard and strenuous nature of the labor. He does occasionally ask me to help him with a big planting job, but I’m wondering what sort of landscaping work you did?? Also, how did you get your violin students? I play violin and would like to begin teaching, but I don’t really want to advertise??? Thank you for your advice!” -Clara

And my comment in response:

“Hi Clara! How great that you get to work for your brother! In answer to your question: I worked for a professional landscaping company. Being a farm girl, I have always loved dirt, heavy lifting, and hard work. Some days my landscaping work included lighter jobs such as pruning and planting small annuals, but many days I was digging out or planting larger plants or small trees, or lifting and applying many bags of mulch. I remember one particular day when I lifted out of the truck and transported to the gigantic flower bed several hundred 30 pound bags of mulch. I loved it!
I never felt at the least as if my femininity was at risk with a job that included hard manual labor. I think that in the Proverbs 31 woman we see that physical strength is actually virtuous. I would encourage you to do a study of that chapter. You might be surprised to see the physical strength and business savvy of this woman given to us for an example. I don’t think that hard physical labor is blurring the gender roles or damaging our femininity at all! I encourage girls to workout and embrace physical strength, not in an obsessive way, but in order to be strong, sturdy women who will be up to whatever challenge comes their way!
I hope that answers your question!

And now, for some additional thoughts since Clara asked. I hope this might be helpful for even one girl who is struggling to know how her work relates to her femininity:

Girls tend to be a little on the fragile side these days.

We need the backbone of the pioneer women, the strong arms of the Proverbs 31 woman, the business savvy of Lydia (seller of purple in the Bible), the courage of Katie Majors (leaving everything she knew to go to a foreign land and adopt many children as a single woman), the boldness of Esther, the tenacity of Gladys Aylward (going against the “safe” and “proper” status quo to be a single missionary in China), and the poise of Abigail Adams (gracious first lady).

Many girls these days aren’t developing the poise to be a first lady, the courage to live the life of Gladys Aylward, or the spiritual + physical + financial strength to imitate the Proverbs 31 woman.

Specifically, in conservative Christian circles, the thought process seems to be that if a girl knows how to keep house and take care of children, she is equipped for life. I disagree. I believe that this mentality leads to a grievous waste of time + talent among young women, as well as lending itself to poor preparation for real life.

It is wrong to assume that a girl need only know how to clean, cook, and care for children in order to be prepared for life.

Young women need to know how to earn, budget, and invest money.

They should learn business skills. They should work hard, study, create, push themselves.

Getting outside of the comfort zone needs to get on our radar! Girls (and their parents) tend to like what is comfortable, safe, and easy far too often. But your greatest potential does not lie in the comfort zone. I am so grateful I have parents who have encouraged me to dream big and live outside my comfort zone- flying many states away by myself as a teenager to live with and help another family for a week, taking a job with a near-stranger in the city (again, as a teenager) and learning the skill of landscaping (as well as the skill of earning and spending/saving a paycheck!), moving to Mexico for a fall (without any family members) to do mission work, taking a job that is high pressure + high responsibility + has included living alone for weeks at a time, and the list goes on. There are more things right now that I am dreaming of that will push me even farther outside my comfort zone. So that was a lonnggg little sermon! Moral of the story: I’m cheerin’ for all you gals to get outside your comfort zone! Start writing down things you would love to do but don’t think you can or would be good at. Things that make you a little nervous. And then start praying over that list and see where God leads! Buckle up, cause you might be in for the adventure of a lifetime!

Girls need to cultivate loving hearts and deep character instead of spending their youth reading romance novels and writing lists of “what he must be”. They should start becoming a gracious + wise + sturdy girl who would make a good helper to a good, Godly, man of vision and purpose.

This is the time to be mentoring younger girls and learning from older women.

Young women should be focused on caring for the things of the Lord- seeking meaningful work and ministry in their single years. There is work to be done and people to be served. Life is too short to be spent on Pinterest and Facebook. There is more to our life than home decor and DIY projects.

Girls should make the most of their days, becoming disciplined, industrious, capable women.

They must get a vision for the hurting people in the world, and start loving the things Jesus loves.

They need to learn how to handle money well. Girls do not need to constantly be living from one little project sold or monetary gift given to the next. They should learn to earn money, live frugally, invest wisely, and plan astutely. Read the story of the talents/stewards in the Bible (Matthew 25)……and then seek to live as the wise steward!

I want each one of you girls to flourish, to really prosper! In your soul, in your spirit, and in your work. This doesn’t mean “success” by anyone else’s standard, but simply getting a vision, pursuing growth, and embracing hard work. Loving Jesus above all else and living joyfully with Him, stepping out in faith and not living in fear.

There are literally hundreds of skills to learn, books to read, places to travel, and character qualities to cultivate.

Look at the Proverbs 31 woman. She was quite a lady! Not only is she praised for her virtue, trustworthiness, and care for her household, but consider these descriptions:

-She worked HARD: “She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands…..She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night.” (verses 13 + 18)

-She was a savvy business woman:  “She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.” (verse 24)

-She was physically STRONG: “She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.” (verse 17)

-She bought property: “She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.” (verse 16)

Girls, there is not a list of “men’s work” and “women’s work” in the Word of God. There are structures laid out for leadership in the nation, church, + family, but the Bible doesn’t say that a woman shouldn’t do work that includes lifting heavy things, having male employees under her, getting down + dirty, driving big equipment, etc.

Here are some things the Word of God DOES say:

We younger women need older women to mentor us.

Find a Godly, feminine lady who loves Jesus and has a happy marriage and ask her to mentor you! Titus 2 explains what kind of older women should be mentoring younger women, and what they should be teaching them.

We are meant to love our husband + children and doing that WELL should be our first priority.

If not married, we should be actively growing in character qualities such as kindness, gentleness, selflessness, and humility- things that will help make us a loving wife and mother someday. Unmarried women can practice loving home + family by cultivating sweet family relationships, serving family and others joyfully, and making people the priority over their personal desires and plans.

“The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; 

That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” (Titus 2:3-5)

We should seek to be women of virtue. 

Proverbs 31:10 says, “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.”

The definition of virtue: moral excellence; goodness; righteousness; uprightness: chastity; a good or admirable quality.”

We were created because, “It is not good for man to be alone.”(Gen. 2)

God looked at the man He had made and decided to create a woman and bring them together in a beautiful relationship called marriage. He saw that the man needed a helper, and that his life would be completed when he had a woman by his side.

Girls, our “femininity”- that soft + tender side, the “Mother’s instinct”, the love for children and homemaking- this was created by God. Even in our work, we should be cultivating the nurturing, gracious woman God created us to be.

Please take note: You don’t have to be married to fulfill God’s purpose for you!

Just because you are not a wife and mother does not mean that you can’t be the woman God created you to be.

I know some extremely beautiful, kind, virtuous women who, although unmarried, fully embrace their femininity and nurturing + helping instincts. They can be found in all manner of work environments- working at a hospital, helping homeschool younger siblings, working as a secretary, teaching violin students, running a business, tutoring English students, selling houses, doing landsaping, managing political campaigns, and the list goes on.

The common thread I see in these women is this-they love serving others in all areas of life.

They nurture people. They help and encourage their family members. They bring kindness, joy, and compassion to their work environments. They realize that they were created by God, to showcase His glory to the world.

They want to be conduits of His love and grace in everything they do.

They know that whatever work they do is an opportunity to be good stewards of what has been given to them by their Heavenly Father.

Whether you are changing diapers or selling houses, flying airplanes or baking cakes, writing books or homeschooling children, sewing costumes or hiring employees, administering iv’s or recording cd’s, taking people’s photos or doing people’s taxes, installing tile or mowing lawns…….do it all “heartily, as to the Lord.”

To every woman reading this- may your work, no matter what that is, be done with intention, love, and joy.

And now, I’d love to hear your feedback What struck a chord with you?


This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

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3 Hacks for Planning Your Day

Have you ever tried and tried to stick to an hourly schedule but found it impossible?

Do you ever get to the end of the day and half your things are still on that to do list?

Have you ever stayed awake worrying about all the things you need to do tomorrow?

Yeah, me too! Today I want to share with you 3 Hacks for Planning Your Day. These are three things that have revolutionized the way I approach my schedule + daily to do lists.

1. Paper vs. Memory

I used to keep a running tab in my mind of the things I needed to get done. Remember earlier how I talked about staying awake worrying about things you need to do? I used to lay in bed worrying I would forget something that I needed to do! I finally realized that I just am not very good at remembering it all! I now keep runnings lists a variety of places (work lists are on my computer, blog post ideas in a notebook, other projects on a note on my phone) so I don’t have to remember it all! This has been so freeing!

2. Routines vs. Schedules

Some people love their schedules, and that’s so great! But in my life currently (and I’m guessing many of you are in the same boat), a daily schedule where I plan out each hour just isn’t possible. My days are too different and unpredictable to possibly plan for how I am going to use all the hours. Instead of trying to stick to a “schedule”, I embrace the beauty of routines. My morning routine is probably my favorite. I even have a few different routines, for my different kinds of mornings: bus mornings, hotel mornings, + home mornings. I try to plan to night before things like the following: what time I will get up, when I will have quiet time, what exercise I will (or will not:) be doing, what time I need to be ready for the day, and whether I will be eating breakfast on my own or with others.

If you’re struggling to stick with a “daily schedule”, I highly recommend building some routines in your life in place of the schedule.

Last evening, I figured out what time I needed to be ready for the day, planned what I wanted to do this morning in the time I had, and set my alarm for a time that would give me a decent night’s sleep while still giving me enough time to do my morning things.

3. Top 10 vs. Everything

When I used to sit down in the morning to write my to-do list, I would write down everything I could think of that I should, could, wanted to, or was supposed to get done that day. And it was just too much. I ended up overwhelmed, discouraged, and frustrated more days than not. I simply wasn’t being realistic. Most of us can’t get done everything we can think of every day!

Here’s what I did: I started categorizing my lists and numbering them. I choose the top 10, or 20, or whatever number! These are the things I decide are most important for that day. I usually have a running list (like I mentioned in #1) of other things I can do if I get all the things on my list done with time to spare. But I specifically try to make the list doable. I want to be able to get the whole list done, unless something catastrophic or completely unforeseen happens- and there are days when it does.:)  But most days, I can get it done!

The number is different every day according to the things I need to do and how long various tasks will take, but the goal is two-fold: 1. To organize the items into categories 2. To keep the list realistic. I try to watch the number…..if I have 15 or 20 items in each category, then I probably need to re-evaluate and cut some things!

Today, my list looks like this:


  1. call new hire
  2. send scheduling email to new team member
  3. schedule employees for this week
  4. work short evening shift at hotel
  5. check work email
  6. do payroll


  1. make lunch for the family
  2. refrigerate fermented cabbage
  3. help unpack bus from San Antonio trip
  4. put dahlias in sand
  5. do a short ministry task for Dad
  6. cook + freeze big batch of black beans


  1. send invitation for bachelorette party
  2. run 3 miles
  3. write a blog post
  4. organize bedroom
  5. do Scripture memory
  6. get package ready to send


And now I’m off to complete that list!

I’d love to hear what you think!

What is your biggest struggle in planning your days? Would one or all of these hacks be valuable to you?

much love,


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Cooking for One: Breakfast Edition

(photo #1)

I recently posted a few food pictures on my Instagram story and took a poll. The question was, “Do you want to hear more about healthy, frugal, and simple cooking for one person?”

Apparently a lot of ya’ll are interested in that, so here I am with the first post. I am going to be sharing a few things today:

-What I am Eating for Breakfast these Days

-How to Plan Balanced Breakfasts

-How to Stock Your Pantry + Fridge for a Variety of Simple, Frugal, Healthy, and Yummy Breakfasts

-My Morning Eating Schedule

Now, let me clarify something: If you’re living with your family, and not typically cooking for just one or two people, you may still want to keep reading. I have alot of girls ask me about health and fitness, and if you are trying to lose weight, deal with allergies/food sensitivities, or maintain and not gain weight, you may need to eat differently than your family sometimes.

You may be a single person living alone, a newly married wife or husband, or one of many in a large household.

No matter which camp you find yourself in, if you are interested in cooking frugally, eating healthier, and not spending hours prepping food every day, this post is for you!


Ok, first off:

What I am Eating for Breakfast These Days:

Just by scrolling through this post, you can see what I’ve been eating! Each picture represents an actual breakfast I made for myself, and several are these are favorites that I have multiple times per week. For clarity I have labeled each photo and am going to talk a little bit about them.

#1. Veggie Omelet, Stewed Apples

This is SO delicious! One evening I sauteed a bunch of veggies (zucchini, peppers, onion) to use in my supper, and I simply refrigerated the rest to use in my omelet the next morning. This cuts down on prep time. The next morning, all I had to do was whip up some eggs and make the omelet using the prepared veggies and some shredded cheese from my fridge.

#2. Black Beans, Sauteed Spinach, Fried Eggs

Oh man…..I love me some beans! I know some of you probably thing it’s gross to eat beans for breakfast, but you might be surprised how good it actually it! And this particular breakfast is probably one of the very cheapest you can make. Especially if you cook the beans yourself, and find a good price on eggs and spinach (Aldi is my favorite place for inexpensive vegetables), this meal costs very little while being extremely nutritious and filling.

#3. Egg/Kale/Sausage/Parmesan Frittata

This Frittata is my current very FAVORITE breakfast! In fact, I am eating it as I type at this very moment.:)  This morning I grabbed half an onion that was in the fridge and started sauteeing that in lard, added the kale once the onion was soft, and finished it off by pouring on some eggs beaten w/ a little coconut milk. Once this was almost set, I sprinkled it with parmesan cheese and folded it in half.

#4. Cottage Cheese w/ Strawberries, Energy Balls

I think this picture might have actually been from a snack, because for breakfast I would have a larger portion. I eat this alot for snacks, but it’s also great for an occasional morning where I need something fast + easy and maybe I’m not quite feeling like eating eggs.:)

#5. Cottage Cheese, Pumpkin Baked Oats, Banana

What a delicious breakfast filled with good carbs! You could definitely substitute the cottage cheese with yogurt or milk, but I think I wanted some extra protein and didn’t have yogurt on hand that morning. I am going to post my pumpkin baked oatmeal recipe soon (once I can make it again and write down exact measurements!). It’s sooo good. I don’t eat very many baked things for breakfast, but this one is a favorite.

If you are cooking just for you or you + your spouse, a whole pan of this should last for awhile, which is just fantastic for a fast breakfast.

#6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake

The other morning I was having one of those mornings where eggs just didn’t sound good. Knowing I needed something still filling + nutritious, I opted for a protein shake. I don’t have an exact recipe, but here’s what I put in:


-coconut milk

-raw egg (only use raw eggs if you have a source for high quality, fresh eggs)


-square of dark chocolate

-big spoon of peanut butter


-ice cubes

I blended that all together, then poured it in my coffee mug and topped it with homemade whipped cream. I wouldn’t do this very often, but for something completely different and luscious, it’s perfect.

#7. Hard Boiled Eggs, Cheese, Energy Balls, Blueberries

Basic, ya’ll. Hard boiled eggs aren’t my very favorite breakfast in the world, but I will sometimes pair them with baked oatmeal, a fruit/yogurt bowl, etc to provide the protein for a super-little-prep-time breakfast.

Also, I should mention that with some of these breakfasts, I had kombucha, a smoothie, or an apple on the side and just didn’t take a picture of it. I don’t eat fruit every single morning, though. I absolutely love fruit, but sometimes I include it in a snack later in the day (like an apple with peanut butter), plus lately I have been trying to really focus on eating more vegetables. 


How to Plan Balanced Breakfasts

I realize that everyone is different, with unique taste buds and nutritional needs. Based upon what I like to eat and what my body does best with, I usually use the following thought processes for planning my breakfasts:

-Center it on PROTEIN! I probably use eggs in my breakfasts 9 out of 10 mornings, and another protein source such as cottage cheese or whey protein the rest. I do include meat in my breakfast sometimes (sausage or bacon) but not very often. It gets expensive, plus I just prefer not to do it regularly for breakfast since I usually have it 1-2 more times later in the day (lunch/dinner).

-Include veggies if possible. I don’t always do this, but recently it’s been probably about half the time. When I do have veggies with my breakfast, I often make it a main part and skip fruit or something higher in carbs.

-Don’t eat something baked/sweet every morning. This is something I have have had to learn, because naturally, who doesn’t love muffins, pumpkin pancakes, biscuits, and waffles? I’m not saying it’s wrong to eat these things every morning, but for my personal health + nutritional needs, it’s just not the best option on a regular basis. I feel much better eating mostly eggs, fruit, yogurt, veggies, etc for breakfast. Also, for you gals (or guys) who are trying to lose weight or tend to gain weight easily, this is a simple trick that might help more than you’d think!



How to Stock Your Pantry + Fridge for a Variety of Simple, Frugal, Healthy, and Yummy Breakfasts

Here is my list of things I try to keep on hand:


-Bacon or Sausage

-Kale or spinach

-Other veggies such as onions + tomatoes

-Black beans

-Cottage Cheese + Yogurt

-1-2 fruits: my favorites are apples, strawberries, and bananas

-lard or butter (for sauteing veggies + frying eggs)

Those are my staples, but are below are a few more “great, but not necessary” items:


-Something Baked (usually gluten free/naturally sweetened baked oats, waffles, muffins, etc.) I probably only have something like this on hand less than 25% of the time, which is actually a good thing because then I eat more of the basics, like eggs, veggies, and fruit!

-Whipped cream (for topping smoothies, or fruit salad w/ yogurt)

-Additional fruit + veggie options

-Coconut milk

-Protein bars or balls (usually homemade)

-Protein powder (mostly for protein smoothies after a workout)


My Morning Eating Schedule

I think I’m weird this way, but 99% of the time I wake up hungry! Are any of you like that?

On most mornings, I make a cup of coffee first thing, and eat a small handful of nuts or a protein ball (or 2 or 3:) while my coffee is steeping.

Usually I consume my “morning snack” and coffee before 6am.

I don’t really want to eat eggs first thing when I get up, and I’m not ready for a full breakfast- thus, the “morning snack”.

My breakfast schedule varies, but I’d say on average I eat breakfast somewhere from 7:30-8:30. I usually drink water or kombucha with my breakfast, since I prefer my coffee first thing with my morning snack, and I try to keep it to one cup per day on a regular basis.


Thanks for reading along, friends! I am hoping to share a few of my recipes soon!. Particularly Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal and Mint Chocolate Protein Balls are two of my very favorites. I don’t really know of any similar recipes, so I really want to share those with ya’ll so you can enjoy them too!What resonated with you the most in this post? 

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