2 More Weeks Till Earlybird Registration Ends!!


Hey gals!!! If you’re on the fence about attending the Spring Young Women’s Retreat, you should really just make up your mind soon!

You save $25 when you mail your registration by February 28th.

Do it! Have questions? Email me: allison@youngwomensretreat.com

Also, if you are from Pennsylvania and would be interested in carpooling with a gal who may be coming from there, please let me know soon. Again, you can contact me by email at any time.

I hope you make plans to come. It’s going to be an unforgettable time!

You will:


-Meet new friends

-Have an AMAZING getaway

-Grow in your walk with the Lord

-Eat some of the most delicious + gourmet food you can imagine


hope to see you there!


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How to Celebrate Valentines Day when you’re Single

Hey you sweet single friends!

Happy Valentines Day!!! Let’s talk about How to Celebrate Valentines day when you’re Single. I am so excited to share a little more of my heart with you today.

Whether you just ended a romantic relationship, or have never been in one at all, this can be a joyful, hope-filled day!

If you read yesterday’s post, I hope you are filled with joy and gratitude today. However, even if you’ve decided to nix any pity-party,  you might still be thinking “how many ways can date-less me really celebrate Valentines Day?!”

You might be surprised!

Even if your family doesn’t make a big deal out of Valentines Day and you’ve never really done anything special for it before, this is a good chance for you to get creative with showing love. There are really endless ways to spread the love today. It doesn’t have to be big or extravagant. But it could make someone’s (or many someones’) day.

Your expression of love might make them feel more special than they have in a long time.

Are you up for it? Whether you have a big budget or none at all, I guarantee you can make this Valentines Day one to remember! Now let’s start dreaming up how to show some love!!!

Here’s my list:

-Write notes for all my family (text for the faraway ones and handwritten for those nearby).
-Spend extra time in prayer for Godly marriages (friends who are married + future marriages for single friends).
-Text a bunch of single gals to remind them that they’re loved.
-Give chocolate to Denver, Taylor, Liz, Hudson, and Rebecca (my unmarried siblings).
-Make couples gift bags for my parents and Josh + Cass (the couples in my family that are in close proximity to me today). These will include some fun yummy things for an in house date.
-Make cookies for my family.
-Put together a special box of weekly notes/gifts for my mother for the next 8 weeks (She is a homebody and sacrifices incredibly much to come on the road for months at a time. I just want to do something extra special to make her feel loved.)
-Send flowers to my sweet widowed grandmother (and call her).
-Call my adopted widower grandpa.

What about you? Did these posts give you a new perspective on Valentines Day as a single? Are you going to do something to spread some love?with love,


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Why Singles Should Celebrate Valentines Day

This post about Why Singles Should Celebrate Valentines Day is (maybe obviously:) for those of you that are not married. I hope that as I share my heart, you will realize that you have more reason for celebration than you ever knew!

I love Valentines Day! I have heard it can be a lonely and depressing day for singles, but I don’t see why it should be that way! For all you unmarried guys and gals out there, let me encourage you:

You are loved. You have value because of Christ. Open your eyes to the wonder of His love and His plan for your life, and Valentines Day will take on new meaning.

I’m not lonely or sad this Valentines Day- not in the least!

I’m actually grateful that I don’t have a date, for two reasons:

1. Being single this Valentines Day means that the Lord has more work for me to do as an unmarried woman, and that’s exciting! This season is special, and I’m so grateful for His amazing love for me and purpose for every day. Even if He never brings me a husband, I will be more loved than I could possibly deserve.

2. Being single this Valentines Day means I get more time with my precious family! I absolutely LOVE this stage of life where I get to spend so much time them. I can’t imagine leaving them (although of course I will be willing when the Lord so leads). These days are precious, and I don’t want to take a single (no pun intended:) one of them for granted!

Try this: stop thinking about what you’re “missing” and start counting your blessings. Decide that you actually can and will enjoy this special holiday very, very much.

And now, I hope my list of “what” I’m celebrating can be an encouragement to you! (Check back tomorrow for practical ideas on HOW to celebrate.)

Here is what I am celebrating this Valentines Day:

The love of my parents. If it wasn’t for the Lord miraculously bringing their paths together 30 years ago, I wouldn’t be here! I get to be a prayer warrior for their marriage now, as the Enemy never stops fighting Godly marriages. (There are a number of practical ways for children to invest in their parents’ marriage, but prayer is #1!)

Answered prayer- four new marriages. My four siblings and their brand new spouses are all celebrating their first Valentines Day as married couples! This is so exciting that I can still hardly believe God’s goodness in it all!

The love that is blossoming for sweet friends (some newly entering relationships, some now engaged!). It is so wonderful to rejoice with them and see their stories unfold!

Creativity of God to dream up the love of one man and one woman for life. Marriage is a beautiful image of His relationship with His bride, the church.

The perfection of love that Heaven will be when we, His bride, are with Him face to face at last. Oh, we can’t even imagine that glorious day!

The joy of being a living vessel of God’s love here on earth, today. To pour His love into the lives of others is truly the highest honor.

Single friends, I hope these thoughts were an encouragement. I’d love to hear what’s on your heart! Please join me in the comments section to continue the conversation.



PS. There will be a brand-new post up TOMORROW all about How I am Celebrating Valentines Day. I hope you check back to get some ideas…….it’s gonna be so much fun!

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Thoughts on Family + Home

My head and heart have been full lately. One of the biggest things I’ve been pondering, studying, and praying about is FAMILY/HOME LIFE.

The photo above, by the way, was taken a few summers back, in the days when we were all-except Carson- still traveling together, and none of us kids were married. Times have changed, but only for the better as our family has expanded and grown, and new homes are being established as new limbs grow on the family tree.

This morning I pulled out a book that I have been slowly reading through. It’s one I have mentioned on here before- The Family by JR Miller (affiliate disclosure here).

I am currently reading the chapter, “The Children’s Part”. Here are a few truths that struck me deep (all words in italics are direct quotes from the book):

“You know what a true Christian home ought to be. It ought to be a place where LOVE RULES.  It ought to be bright, joyous, full of tenderness and affection, a place in which all are growing happier and holier each day. There should never be any discord, any wrangling, any angry words or bitter feelings.”

I ask you, sisters (gentlemen, if there are brothers/sons reading): Are you contributing all you could to this joyous home life?

Do you take an active part in making your family life filled with tenderness, affection, kindness?

Is your contribution to the home tending towards making it happier, holier, and brighter or do you add discordant notes, thoughtless words, and selfish feelings?

Consider this:

“The home, no matter how humble it is, how plain, how small- should be the dearest spot on earth to each member of the family. It should be made so happy a place, and so full of life…..”

Surely there is much, much more we could do to make it so.

May we each examine our hearts and go to the greatest lengths to grow in grace and love in the family life. Every sister, every brother plays a vital part. It is not the parents only who are responsible for the atmosphere of the home and the culture of the family.

“With the years of consciousness comes responsibility, and then every child helps either to make or to mar the home blessedness and the home joy.”

May we each do our utmost to contribute to the peaceful, joyous home atmosphere. May our hearts cultivate the tender thoughtfulness, the sweet loving attitudes that will nourish the tender tree of family life.

With love,


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I am so excited to be announcing the 2018 Young Womens Retreat!!!

If you are a young woman, and would like a refreshing time of input + fellowship, this is for you!!!

Retreats are an unforgettable time, and this one- held at a beautiful camp nestled in the countryside of Southeast Iowa- will be epic.

You can see a recap post here from the last Iowa Retreat.

There is a whole page of testimonials from past retreat attendees here.

To find out more about what a Retreat is like, see pictures, get answers to frequently asked questions, contact me, or register, visit the website, www.youngwomensretreat.com!

Don’t know anyone else coming? Come anyways- you’ll make new friends!

Need to fly cause you’re so far? Guess what? We have an airport in the Iowa cornfields (ha!) and I’ll even pick you up! Out of state and out of country gals are WELCOME!

Want to drive but not by yourself? Perfect- bring some friends or sisters! Or ask your mother to come with; she can stay at a local hotel for her own personal getaway. If those options don’t work, email me to see if anyone from your state is driving that you could carpool with.

COME! You won’t regret it! Here’s what to expect: encouraging sessions, sweet fellowship, deliciously scrumptiously gourmet food, incredible coffee (we always have a coffee bar of EPIC proportions!), worship time (you will love singing + praising the Lord with a big group of ladies!), alone time (if that’s what you need), rest, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.


And now I would love to hear from ya’ll!

If you’ve attended a Retreat, please leave a comment to tell the other gals about your experience.

If you’ve never been to a Retreat, comment to tell me why you might like to come!

You can also email me at allison@youngwomensretreat.com with questions. 

I look forward to hearing from you, and would love to meet some of you for the first time at the Retreat in April!



PS: While this event is primarily for single gals, married young women are welcome to attend as well. Cassidy (obviously married:) will be there, and we would love to have some of you young married ladies join us, too!
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