I’m Allison Bontrager, and I’m excited to share my heart with you here at my blog, From Allison.

The greatest gift anyone has ever given me was when Jesus gave me eternal life on the Cross.  My daddy told me once that “eternal life with Jesus starts NOW”, and I am passionate about fully living the life I’ve been given.

Some of my very favorite times have been spent going out to coffee with girls and hosting Bible studies and Young Women’s Retreats for young women.  After interacting with hundreds of young women, I’ve come to realize that there is a sad lack of teaching on some of the most basic issues facing my generation of young women.  (Read more about that here)

Life is short, and there’s so much to do.  This blog is about doing the little things well, cherishing our todays, and finding meaning in the work we’ve been given to do.  Walking with Jesus is an adventure that starts the moment you repent of your sins and believe on Him to save you.  Here’s to living that adventure!


I love my life!  I am privileged to travel the US, Canada, and Mexico with my family half the year, singing about Jesus and encouraging people to live for Him.  In addition to traveling with my family, I am the human resources director at the Dutch Country Inn.  In my spare time, I make custom jewelry.

A few of my favorite things are quiet evenings at home, sibling dates, good coffee, walks with my mother, heart to heart conversations with kindred spirits, healthy food, the book of Psalms, running, business + historical fiction books, and fresh flowers.


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