10 Free Activities to Do With Little People this Fall

Some of you may have read my recent post here about loving the littles in your life.

Today I am sharing 10 Free Activities to Do With Little People This Fall. The reason I say “little people” instead of “little siblings” is that some of you don’t have siblings, or are one of the youngest in the family, or no one in your family is “little” anymore! But even if you don’t have little siblings, you have little people in your life- nieces and nephews, or kiddos at church, or maybe neighbor children, etc.

Make it one of your fall goals to invest in the little people in your life- you won’t regret it!

Here are some ideas for spending time with littles:

1. Do a picnic at the park.

What kid doesn’t love going to the park?! I know my younger siblings do! This spring I went with my little siblings to meet up with my brother’s fiance (now sister in law!) and her little siblings at our favorite local park. We took picnicky foods to share, and had a fantastic time! A few recommendations for an awesome park time: pack plenty of water and yummy but simple food (we did sloppy joes, hummis and chips, veggies, cheese, and fruit), plan adequate time (a few hours is good), and make sure you play with the kids at least part of the time!

2. Go on a walk to the creek.

Little people that visit our farm always love to walk up the road to our bridge where we can throw stones down into the water. On the way back, we might stop in the orchard for an apple.:) If you live near a creek, this is a fun way to get the kids outside and enjoy the beautiful day!

3. Do a baking project.

There are so many delicious things to bake in the fall! Pick something that isn’t too complicated, and make it a party! Apple crisp, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, apple cake, pumpkin custard, and the list goes on! Fall calls for baking, and little ones are always up for baking something sweet.

4. Pick up leaves and do a craft project.

You could press the leaves and use them to make cards, or go on pinterest and search “fall craft with leaves”. Leaves are free, and they are so beautiful!

5. Create fall decorations.

This is especially good for a big “older littles”. My sister Liz went all out last fall decorating on our porch with cornstalks, a chalkboard sign, and more. It was amazing. 10-13 year old girls seem to love decorating, and there are lots of fun options in the fall.

6. Rake leaves for the elderly.

This is a great way to teach children to love serving others. Especially if you live in town, this would be a wonderful opportunity to get to know neighbors, and show some lonely elderly person love!

7. Arrange fall bouquets.

If you have flower beds, use some end-of-season blooms. Even if you don’t have your own flowers, scour the ditches for wild blossoms, or simply find some longs twigs with leaves, grasses, weeds and such to create a pretty arrangement.

8. Can or freeze vegetables for winter.

Especially if you have a garden, this is a great project to do together. My siblings canned with my mother while the tomatoes were in season, and they did a great job!

9. Eat lunch in the yard.

Fall days can be so perfect! The air is just a little crisp, without being to hot or cold.

10. Make them hot chocolate on a chilly morning or evening.

It’s hard to believe that chilly mornings are already here (at least in the Midwest)! Even though the days are warm, evenings and mornings are beginning to be chilly, and nothing hits the spot for little ones like hot chocolate. While you might rather have coffee or tea (or maybe not:), making a pot of hot chocolate for the littles is sure to make them smile and feel extra loved. They can even help you make it, or you can deliver it as a special treat while they are studying (if they’re homeschooled). If you are on a farm like us, this can be perfect for an after-chores treat on a chilly morning.

Which of these would you like to try? What are some favorite fall activities you do with your little people?

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  1. These are some great ideas! When it gets a little cooler here in the south, making my siblings hot chocolate in the mornings is definitely one I want to do 🙂
    One thing I like to do is take my littlest siblings outside and play with the volleyball. It’s so cute to watch them try and play!

  2. Such fun ideas, Alli! Thanks so much for sharing! I also like to spend time with little people baking, or when I have to run errands for Mama, if I’m able I always take one with me! And of course, listening to their BB verses for the older littles:))

  3. One fun thing I do with my siblings is freezing vegetables. Mom will ask us to just cut the carrots and we will freeze them when she comes back from doing whatever she was doing. It becomes a challenge to finish cutting and freezing them before mom comes in! It is really fun and the younger girls really enjoy the challenge! Thanks for posting!

  4. Thank you so much for this post, Allison! I have a bunch of little siblings and I love these ideas! Esp the picnic at the park, lunch outside, and leaf craft ones! Littles love acorns too – drawing faces on them, etc. Sometimes I’ll take my sibs for walks on nice days and just have fun on our 5 acres. We enjoy picking apples from our trees to eat too as we stroll (or run, as the case may be ;)). I also love “raking leaves for the elderly” but we don’t have any near neighbors in that category any more 🙁

  5. For a future post idea, I would love to see a list of the top 10 books that shaped your view of Biblical womanhood. I’m trying to read more good books and need some good recommendations. 🙂

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