4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Exercise

So, should EVERYONE really exercise?  I say a resounding YES!!!  If you have been teetering on the fence, wondering if exercise is all it’s cracked up to be, this post is for you!  If you are hitting and missing (with more misses than hits:)  with exercise, you should definitely keep reading!

What is the big deal about exercise?  Well there are probably more than 100 reasons why you should exercise, but here are the 4 biggest reasons that I personally choose to exercise:

  1. Taking care of your body through exercise is good stewardship.  “What?  Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” -I Corinthians 6:19-20
  2. Exercise is one of the best ways to increase your personal discipline. I used to skip exercise on days I felt least like exercising. Now I know that those are the days when I need it the most. For me, choosing to get up and exercise EVERY morning (except Sunday) has been a powerful way to practice discipline, and goodness knows I needed that!
  3. Working out regularly will prepare you for a variety of life situations.  Strength training helps me be able to lift heavy things more easily at home and at work.  Running and leg workouts enable me to keep up with my brothers when we go hiking.  For women, various types of exercise will prepare our bodies for pregnancy + childbirth.  Mammas who exercise are better equipped to carry heavy toddlers and play tag with their kids.
  4. Regular exercise helps with weight control.  If you need to lose weight or are concerned with maintaining a healthy weight, exercise is key!  Some studies have even shown that exercise can even suppress appetite. I have definitely found that exercise helps me not only to eat moderately, but also to make healthier choices. I mean, who wants to totally reverse the good effects of their morning workout by indulging in a mid morning snack of ice-cream?  Not I!

What do you think?  What are some benefits you find from exercise?  If you are wanting to start, what steps do you plan to take to make exercise a regular part of you life?

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Golden Wheat Bread Recipe

As requested on our family instagram, here is the recipe for Golden Whole Wheat Bread I made the other day:

2 cups very warm water (warm enough so that you can just hold you finger under the water as it runs- if it was any hotter it would be too hot)

3 TBS yeast

3 tsp. sugar

3 cups scalded milk

1/2 cup honey or sugar

1/3 cup molasses

1/2 cup oil (I use olive oil)

2 TBS salt

6 cups whole wheat flour

6-7 cups white flour

Stir together the water, 3 tsp. sugar, and yeast.  Let set ten minutes.  In a large bowl (or mixer), combine the oil, scalded milk, honey, molasses, and salt.  Add the yeast/water/sugar mixture and wheat flour.  Mix some more.  Now comes the fun part!  Add several cups of white flour and continue mixing and adding flour.  I use my (clean!) hands to knead the dough.  When it becomes less sticky and starts balling together instead of adhering to your hands and the bowl, you’ve probably added enough flour.  I never measure exactly, but add until the consistency is right.  Knead a few minutes more.

Make sure your bowl is big enough, cause now you need to put a towel on top, set it in a large place, and let the dough rise until doubled in size, about 1 hr.

Divide the dough into loves and put into greased pans.  I like to make three generous loaves in bread pans, and one small round free-standing loaf.  Turn the oven on to 350 and let the loaves rise until much larger, about half an hour.

Bake for approximately 40 minutes, or until done.  When done, the loaves should be golden, and sound hollow when tapped.

Immediately remove from the pans and allow to cool a few minutes.  Our favorite way to eat the bread is fresh, with butter and honey!  It also makes delicious toast, sandwiches, and croutons.  Enjoy!

Have a wonderful week, friends!  Be watching for my first post on fitness, coming later this week.  I am excited to delve into a topic that I am very passionate about.  If you have any specific fitness-related questions or things you would like me to write about, feel free to drop me a line through my “Contact” page.

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Nurturing Your Brothers’ Manhood

This post is especially for you sisters out there!  Why is Nurturing Our Brothers’ Manhood important?  Our brothers need us to stand up and stop treating them as less than the men that they are becoming.  They NEED us to nurture their manhood.

Let me tell you gals, if we aren’t nurturing our brothers’ manhood, we ARE squelching it.  There is no neutral ground.  We either build up their manhood or we tear it down.  We may look back someday and wish our brothers were real men, that they had backbone, were decisive, etc.  Guess what?  Maybe if they are weak, spineless men, it is in part because they are so used to big sisters who always tell them what to do, correcting their grammar and posture and driving and body noises and messy habits.

I will be honest here- I fail sometimes, but I am learning, and I am trying, oh I am TRYING, to nurture my brothers’ manhood.  There is so much at stake and I don’t want to mess it up.

Just today, one of my sweet brothers was my chauffeur.  At one point, he had just stopped the vehicle at a stop sign, and was turning onto the main highway and accelerating.  Only, he wasn’t just accelerating.  He was MASHING THE GAS PEDAL!!!  A lecture was on the tip of my tongue.  “Um, brother dear, did you realize it is extremely hard on the engine to accelerate that fast?  You should speed up slowly instead of mashing it!”.  Thankfully, I bit my tongue and refrained from the lecture.  He doesn’t need me to tell him how to drive. He needs me to NOT tell him how to drive.  If I would have told him what he was doing wrong, I would have been crushing his manhood and stepping into the position of teacher and leader.  

What I am not saying is that we can never give our brothers advice or tell them the truth (in love) about something they are doing wrong.  There will be times when we, as their sister and friend, give them some helpful criticism or advice.  My brothers and I do that for one another often.  The point isn’t that every word we say to them is only about how awesome they are, because that isn’t being a true friend.  They need to hear the hard things from us, too, but it needs to be done in love, and outnumbered by words of kindness and encouragement.  When we have that sweet relationship already, our words of correction can be said kindly, and in a way that is not demeaning.

My challenge to you is this: would your brothers be able to wholeheartedly say that you are their biggest fan, a huge encouragement in their life, and a beloved chum?

Another thing, girls: be a lady, and your brothers are more likely to behave like gentlemen.  Speak softly, ask their opinion, let them drive the car, talk well of them.  Trust me, they will begin to live up to your expectations and treatment of them.  The opposite is true- if you nag + criticize, they may either become spineless puppets, or they will decide that they don’t need you and stop listening to you altogether.  If you expect them to be selfish, messy cavemen, they just might be.  Pray, speak a little less at times (if you’re like me:), and decide that you will draw out the best in them and be their biggest cheerleader.

I love you girls, and I’m right with you, biting my tongue, trying to choose love, and desperately wanting to be a good sister!  Know that I’m cheering you on!!!  I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions.



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Why I’m Blogging

Hey friends!  So…….the girl who thought she’d NEVER start a blog is writing her first post.  Here’s why:

-In the past few years of discipling young women, I have found that while there are a number of excellent blogs, books, and resources I can point to on matters of Biblical womanhood, purity, and similar topics, I don’t know of a single resource that addresses issues like finances and fitness from a balanced, Biblical perspective practical to young women.

-There is a need for candid teaching about these things!   Money, food, relationships, schedules, fitness………every area of our lives should be stewarded well.  As ordinary and mundane as these may seem, they matter.  Sometimes we underestimate the “little things”…..thinking that if we pay attention to the “bigger deals”, the mundane will just happen.  The truth is that the littles details of life can actually have a HUGE impact on other areas of our lives.

-Have you ever wondered how to find a sane, consistent, balanced fitness routine?  I’ve been there!  Do you feel like your days are hectic and your life way too busy?  Guess what?  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Does your money seem to slip through your fingertips- never enough, always gone too fast and you wonder where?  Ok…..you get the idea.  I’m here to hopefully give a little sisterly advice.  I can’t wait to chat about whatever is frustrating you currently!  But first I need your help:

What do you want me to write about?  Do you agree that there are some issues that just aren’t getting talked about from a Biblical perspective?  What are some of the biggest ones you wish there was more conversation on?  Leave a comment (above, at the top of the post)……I’m excited to hear your feedback!!!

with love,


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