I am so excited to be announcing the 2018 Young Womens Retreat!!!

If you are a young woman, and would like a refreshing time of input + fellowship, this is for you!!!

Retreats are an unforgettable time, and this one- held at a beautiful camp nestled in the countryside of Southeast Iowa- will be epic.

You can see a recap post here from the last Iowa Retreat.

There is a whole page of testimonials from past retreat attendees here.

To find out more about what a Retreat is like, see pictures, get answers to frequently asked questions, contact me, or register, visit the website,!

Don’t know anyone else coming? Come anyways- you’ll make new friends!

Need to fly cause you’re so far? Guess what? We have an airport in the Iowa cornfields (ha!) and I’ll even pick you up! Out of state and out of country gals are WELCOME!

Want to drive but not by yourself? Perfect- bring some friends or sisters! Or ask your mother to come with; she can stay at a local hotel for her own personal getaway. If those options don’t work, email me to see if anyone from your state is driving that you could carpool with.

COME! You won’t regret it! Here’s what to expect: encouraging sessions, sweet fellowship, deliciously scrumptiously gourmet food, incredible coffee (we always have a coffee bar of EPIC proportions!), worship time (you will love singing + praising the Lord with a big group of ladies!), alone time (if that’s what you need), rest, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.


And now I would love to hear from ya’ll!

If you’ve attended a Retreat, please leave a comment to tell the other gals about your experience.

If you’ve never been to a Retreat, comment to tell me why you might like to come!

You can also email me at with questions. 

I look forward to hearing from you, and would love to meet some of you for the first time at the Retreat in April!



PS: While this event is primarily for single gals, married young women are welcome to attend as well. Cassidy (obviously married:) will be there, and we would love to have some of you young married ladies join us, too!

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  1. If you’re a young lady looking for a time of refreshment, encouragement, and fellowship around Jesus, then I highly recommend attending Allison’s retreat! I’ve attended 2 of hers, and while I’m disappointed to miss this one, I know that you will be blessed by attending! Allison’s heart for Jesus is so evident in how she loves each young woman’s that comes.

  2. Hey Allison! Do you if anyone is going to the retreat from Fl/GA/AL area? I’m a senior in college, and I would love to be able to go. If I could carpool with someone that would be great!

  3. Ahhhh!!! SO pumped to be coming for the first time this year. Heard bunches about it + cannot wait to experience for myself. You are a dream!!

  4. If you’re on the fence & need a hearty recommendation to win you over, I can assure you that Allison does an absolutely INCREDIBLE job hosting each & every retreat. She pours out her energy and prayers and a labor of love into a truly fabulous retreat. You will be so well loved with encouragement from the Word as well as delicious foods & treats (and allllll the coffee + whipped cream – it’s a dream!). It’s a very refreshing time to come & be with Jesus. Of all the retreats I’ve been to, the schedule is the just-right combination of beautifully flexible yet structured – plenty of time for both quiet times, sessions, and adventure. If you’re able, go! 😉

  5. If you can go, totally do it!! I’ve been twice and it is so worth it. Just super refreshing and encouraging to meet other Christian young ladies and grow together in the Word. The sessions are amazing and the scenery/food/special touches make it extra special and memorable! I will miss being there this year but I encourage you to go if you can! You’ll be blessed 🙂

  6. I doubt it would work out for me to go, but it sounds like it will be such a wonderful, fruitful time for those that are able to go! I will be looking forward to hearing a recap afterwards about how it all goes 🙂
    By the way, it was SO great to meet + chat with you tonight before the concert, Allison! My brother and I both were blessed by your music, and I was so excited to be able to finally see you all in person! You need to come to SC more often 😉 Anyway, thank you so much! I hope the rest of your tour goes well. I grabbed a prayer card so I can put it on my bedroom door as a reminder to pray for you all often! <3

  7. Wish I could go so bad! Don’t know that it’s possible… I’ll bring it up to my parents but probably not this time. My biggest issue would be going there and back from Oregon. If it was closer it wouldn’t be a big problem, but I don’t know of anyone I’d be able to go with and I wouldn’t want to go alone. Never been in a plane and wouldn’t have had my license long enough to feel comfortable driving alone in unknown states. ): Maybe I’ll ask around… Or, more likely, wait until a different year. ;(
    Oh well. Hope everyone who goes is blessed and encouraged!

  8. Hello Allison! I am 26 and from Southern California. I am super excited to see that you are having this retreat again. I wanted to come last year but my finances would not allow me to. My finances have changed this year and I would love to attend if financially able. Flights as you know are very expensive so that is something that would keep me from attending. If I am able to save the money in enough time, I would possibly be able to attend.
    I would love to attend because I never get to get away because of finances and other hindering circumstances. I feel like I would gain allot of wisdom and insight from fellow christian girls should I be able to attend this retreat. I also believe this would be a positive faith building experience for me as well.

  9. This sounds awesome! But sadly, my family goes to the Family Conference in Big Sandy, Tx and it’s the same week as the retreat. I know your family has been there before… will any of your family be there this year? I so enjoyed seeing the concert there that your family put on a while back!!

    ~ Lilly

  10. This is so exciting, Allison!!! Don’t know yet if I/my sisters will be able to come, but I’m hoping! 🙂
    For those of you in the comments who haven’t attended a retreat, the one I attended with my sister in the Spring of 2016 was such an amazing time of sweet fellowship in Jesus, learning from His Word, making new friends, and delicious food! 🙂

  11. Allison’s last retreat was so refreshing, and just such a wonderful time of fellowship with like-minded christian girls. I actually didn’t know anyone when I went, but everyone was so sweet and kind I felt very much at ease. The friendships I made have been such a huge blessing in my life, and I would totally recommend this retreat!

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