3 Tips for a Fabulous Weekend

If you’re anything like me, the weekends can easily be a bit hectic.  It takes some intentionality to slow down and focus on what matters.

Obviously some of us are heavily involved in ministry on weekends, or maybe have a job that means working on the weekend.  I get that, because many of my weekends are extremely full with concerts/ministry.

However, I have been thinking about practical steps to make weekends, specifically Sunday/Sabbath (whichever you observe) more intentional.  Weekends are not first and foremost about laying around (although Sunday afternoon naps are a sweet thing, in my opinion!), but about refocusing our minds + hearts on Christ, and practicing the principle of the Sabbath- a day to keep special in to rest our hearts and minds, a day He knew we needed.

I have personally found the following three things to greatly help my weekends be what I feel they should be.  When I say, “weekend”, I am referring to Saturday + Sunday, although the main principle is having a Sabbath.

  1. Skip the Social Media.  This is something I’ve been working on that has been really refreshing for me.  Taking a bit of a break from noise/culture/media/things coming into my mind + heart- I need it. It’s so good to take a step back from work emails, social media, and online stuff for a day or two.  There are times when I need to do work on Saturday (and use computer/media for that) but as much as possible I try to keep it to a minimum, and especially to keep all internet off-limits to me on Sunday.
  2. Refrain from Work on Sunday (as much as possible). This is something my parents passed down to me that has been extremely valuable as I’ve gotten older. Although we do a lot of weekend concerts, and on the farm the cows still have to be milked on Sundays, I love the concept of refraining from unnecessary work on Sundays. I’ll wash the dishes, yes, but the laundry and cleaning can wait.  I’ll do a concert, yes, but changing my violin strings and giving violin lessons waits till Monday.
  3. Spend Extra Time with Jesus + Family. When home, I love the family dinners around our big table. Sometimes it’s just us, often we have guests join.  Either way, it is a special time to gather, have a gourmet (yet simple) lunch, and cherish the gifts of life and family.  Church is a highlight of my Sundays, as well, and the spiritual refreshment is a welcome fuel to my fire!

I hope your weekend is wonderful!  Be blessed.


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  1. One thing that I do is that I try not to check my email or social media on Sundays. I feel that is something that can wait until another day. Also, weekends are times that I try to play games with my siblings if they’d like…outdoor physical activity type or board games, whatever they want! I also enjoy taking long prayer or scripture reciting walks on a Sunday afternoon.

  2. Liked what you said about the weekends not being about laying around but rather using the time to refocus our minds and hearts on Christ. Excellent tips! I’ll definitely be using them.

  3. Aw, Allison! You are such an encouragement ❤ i too, live on a dairy farm so Sunday’s are definitely busy enough with doing the milkings and calf chores. But I wouldn’t trade farm life for anything 👌 It definitely takes intentionality for Sunday afternoon refresh time tho! Thanks for another great post and praying your summer tour is off to a great start 😘

  4. I just wanted to say I appreciate your blog so much Allison- this blog is truly a blessing! All of your posts have been such an encouragement to me and I am so grateful for the example you set for me and other young ladies!

    I truly needed to hear this and be reminded that even among the busyness of life I need to slow down from the internet and my college work and take the time with my precious family and Savior!

    Keep up the good work Allison! Love you

  5. Wow! Thank you so much for this post! I’ll try these tips and hopefully it’ll help clear up alot of clutter from my weekends.

  6. Wow this really hits home…it’s so easy to let the weekends be a very hectic time or a really lazy time. Thanks for the reminder to put Jesus first family second and me last(at least that’s what I got from it 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing, Allison! I also like to take a break from most of the internet on Sunday, rest, spend more time with my siblings, and take extra time to spend with Jesus.

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