Living at Home as an Adult|| Part 1: 5 Reasons To Live at Home

Recently I have received feedback from girls saying they want to hear more about Living at Home as an Adult. Today I am sharing Part 1, “5 Reasons To Live at Home”. Part 2 will be “How to Honor Your Parents”.

I am here to tell you that it is totally possible to live as an adult at home and LOVE IT!

But if you’re on the fence about whether you should continue living at home or move out, here are some reasons you might not have considered.

1. God created families.

There are many reasons why young adults may not live with their family. But Psalm 86:6 says, “God sets the solitary in families”. There is obviously value in living within a family unit, and if you have the opportunity to do so, you shouldn’t throw it away without a specific reason. There are so many benefits of living within the context of a family- accountability, fellowship, camaraderie, sharing housekeeping responsibilities, etc.

2. It’s cost effective.

Have you every really considered how much it will cost to move out? Like I said earlier, there are reasons why you might still choose to do that, but make sure you count the cost! If you are just wanting to “get your own place” for the fun of it, I would strongly encourage you to first sit down and write out what you actual cost of living will be with renting your own place vs. continuing to live at home.

The economic benefits add up when you consider sharing costs, working together, and having multiple people under one roof. In dollars and cents, it makes a lot of sense!(get the pun?!:)

3. It builds character.

It’s just harder to be selfish when you are living in a household with your family. There will invariably be some who are neater and some who are messier, different food preferences, different schedules, and the list goes on. It is definitely possibly to be others-focused and selfless when you live on your own (I’ve seen it done!) but it is harder. If you have the opportunity to live with your family and there’s no good reason not to, why not? Those sharp edges we all have that need to be smoothed off? Living with family is a fantastic way to experience some much-needed refining!

4. You get to spend more time with your family.

God placed each of us in our families for a specific reason. I am so grateful for the years of living at home as an adult. These days are incredibly precious, and I know that they won’t last forever. I count it a privilege to learn from my parents, be involved in my siblings lives, and be able to serve my family and others in our home. I lived on my own for a small portion of the past year, and I missed the family meal times, late night chats, and a million other little things. As soon as I was able, I was thrilled to move back home. I didn’t realize before how much I love baking for my brothers, making coffee for my dad, coming home from work to help Mother make dinner, listening to my little siblings’ stories, discussing life with my dear brothers, lighting candles and cleaning bathrooms.

I plan to do a whole other post on what I learned from living on my own, but the biggest thing I learned is how much I LOVE living with my family, and how incredibly valuable it is. If you don’t have this privilege, then I encourage you to find families you can be a part of, and invite others into your home. If you have the opportunity to live at home as an adult, then be grateful and be a blessing in your home!

5. You get to help pour back into your parents.

This is one of the most amazing things about living at home! I love getting to serve my parents. They spent so many years pouring into and sacrificing for me; I view this season of life as a tiny little opportunity to pay it back.

If you live at home, look for any little way to be a blessing to your parents.

Which of the 5 reasons resonated with you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I too still live at home. I have had friends who moved out, but expected their parents to finance their life style. Almost everyone at my last job lived at home with their parents. It makes sense to live at home. You are able to save up money for your future and give back to your parents. By the way, you are on a roll with your blog posts. Please keep blogging.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Good question! I don’t believe there is any sort of command or direction in Scripture regarding an adult daughter living at home, but I do think it’s wonderful if a gal has the option!

  2. Wow, Alison! This post is excellent! I am 26 and still living at home with my parents and two older sisters. It is a real comfort to know the Lord Jesus Christ has a special plan for each of our lives, those of whom who have accepted Him as their own Lord and Saviour. It is one thing to Say Yes Jesus has a beautiful plan for my life, but totally a different thing to actually Accept it with Joy and Gladness from His loving hand especially when we may see our friends our ages getting married and being blessed with children!! It is a deep lesson in contentment and applying the Scripture to our individual lives, just as Jesus uttered, “…Nevertheless not my will, but THINE, be done.” (Luke 22:42)
    Thank you so much, my sister in Christ!

  3. Thanks again for writing Allison!! Loved the first reason…that God has created the family setting. So obvious but easy to forget!

  4. Awesome post, sister! I totally agree. Our parents are so much wiser than we are and give incredible accountability and guidance. We should view it as a blessing to live at home; not a burden to escape from.

  5. Enjoyed this post! In this day and age, so many people including relatives are pushing for young people to move out and get their own life, but that shouldn’t be the case! Thanks for talking about this topic!

  6. Nice post! I like all your points =) Especially number 4, being with my family is a lot of fun, we get to discuss things at mealtimes, talk about the Lord, and SO much laughter! I have realized though that it is quite rare today for young adults to enjoy living at home with their family, and it saddens me when my friends would rather be on their own or “home alone” in their rooms because they don’t have a close family bond….I can’t wait to read your next post on honouring parents!

  7. So many good points here. #4 and 5 definitely are strong reasons why I stay home. Never really can pay back all that my parents have done for me, but I can most certainly do everything in my power to help them in any way I can!

    Another reason I stay home is that there’s always someone to talk to. By myself, I could easily seem myself becoming bored in my spare time, or getting lonely and discouraged. But with family around 24/7, there’s always someone to talk to, encourage, be encouraged by, share ideas, and keep each other accountable!


  8. Amen!!! As a 22 year old girl still living at home every single one of those points resonate with me! It’s like a breath of fresh air reading this post.
    On another note it is really sad how our culture urges young adults to leave their parents young and those of us that do stay at home are looked on as weird and abnormal.

  9. Great post, Allison! Good points, especially the “character building” one!!
    I am currently living between two homes while I wait for my family’s old home to sell, and would love to hear what you’ve learned from living alone.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!