5 Ways to Love the Little People

1. Treat Them Like Adults.

Obviously not all the time, ok? But really, get down on their level and ask them about their day, find out what’s going on in their head, and don’t talk down to them. Treat them like their opinions matter. They can tell if you are bothered by them or if you think they’re the greatest thing ever. Don’t talk down to them. Let them know you believe in them! We tend to rise to the expectations placed upon us; therefore, it stands to reason that if you treat your little siblings like little pests, they will be little pests. But if you treat them as valued friends true best buds, they will tend to confide in you and return the respect.

2. Write Notes.

Kids LOVE getting a sweet little note at random times! I like to write about something notable I see them doing, or tell them how happy I am that they’re my sibling (or friend), or just tell em they’re special! Doing an act of service (like completing a chore for them or making their bed) and leaving a note behind will totally make their day!

3. Plan Fun Activities.

Some of my best memories with the little people in my life have been fun outings I have been able to take them on. There are so many things I love to do with them!

4. Make Yummy Treats.

Oh, how they love this! Just this evening, I happened to be home with my four youngest siblings. Liz asked if we could have these little chocolate things from the cupboard. “No, but don’t brush your teeth, because we’re having dessert later!” I said. After a competitive word search together, I made chocolate chip milkshakes for them as a fun surprise. They were thrilled! It was an easy way to add an extra-special touch to our evening together.

5. Give the Gift of Time.

Younger siblings and little friends need the thing that is in scarcest demand in our world- T.I.M.E. I know it isn’t easy, but stopping to listen when we’re “busy”, or taking time out of our jam-packed schedule to plan something fun to do together….these things speak love to them like almost none other.

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  1. Just want you to know how much I appreciate this!! I love your thoughts on this, especially with nine other siblings mostly younger than myself =) Even at 20, there is always so much to learn as a big sister in how to better love and invest in my relationships with each of those dear people… treating younger siblings like adults is a GREAT thought I’ve been mulling over a lot lately as they each get older. Many blessings to you!!

  2. This is so good Allison! We have people over from our church every Sunday and I always occupy and play with the little ones. I have made some precious friendships and memories with them! #5 is so good. Taking time to spend with them is so important and I have to remember that a lot when I tend to think selfishly and not want to take time for them. Thanks so much for the reminder!! 😊

  3. Make a scavenger hunt for them, and tailor the location of the clues to their age. Even if it’s just a Fruit Roll-Up at the end, they’re so exciting to be running from clue to clue!

  4. Thank you, Allison! This post is so helpful and encouraging! Your younger siblings are so blessed!!! I love having you as a mentor – I check your blog for new posts every day!

  5. Absolutely fantastic post! #5 seems especially important. I teach a Sunday class at church, and even just taking two or three minutes to talk to a little four year old about their shoes or new dress or almost ANYTHING can really lay a great foundation for a long-lasting relationship. Thank you for the encouragement! -Halea

  6. Wow. This post is SO SO good. I have to younger siblings and I help out with the kindergarten-third grade kids at a club my family helps out with. Your advice is so good.Yesterday at the club I talked to a young girl and tried to talk to her as I would with an adult. She looked so pleased that I took time to talk with her. Thank you so much for this Allison! I will definitely be using this advice in the coming years!

  7. oh how i just this post u have given some great tips and ideals we actually have a 3 year old named eathan over all week (starting tomm afternoon) we are getting him next as long story he is my brothers ex girlfriends kid (hes not the dad her ex is an after we thought we never see him agin God bless us with nack in ur lifes so happy this is first we have him over our house since chirstmas we seen him 3 times already before this so thanks alot for this post girly hugs lov yall an God bless yall=)

  8. About half a year ago I really started taking action to show my younger siblings that I love them and care about them, the result is absolutely fantastic and have found that they and other little people respond really well to the first point. I have gotten so many good responds even from kids that I babysit saying that they really like me because I believe and trust them when they tell me something- then they told me a story about their previous baby sitter who never believed what they said, and it really hurt their feelings. It reminded me that we leave a good or bad impression really quickly, even when we don’t know it. Kids are pretty sensitive to those kinds of things, and they know if you genuinely care or not. I’m going to try giving notes, I’ve never done that one before 😉 Thanks for sharing these!

    1. I love your thoughts, Davida! It is so true about taking kids seriously and believing them- they definitely notice and remember!

  9. Awesome ideas. Thanks! I have 4 younger siblings and just found out the other day that the two oldest of those four (ages 12 and 9) both seem to have the love language of words of affirmation. That one is lower on my list, so encouraging them through words is something I will have to try harder at. Definitely need to get into the habit of writing them notes! 😉

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