My Current Favorite Top: the Most Amazing Graphic Tee Ever!

Ladies, I want to tell you about this AMAZING shirt!  It reads, “I run on coffee & grace.”

I have been on the lookout for cute + classy graphic tees, but honestly, they are hard to find. But one that has a graphic that I absolutely LOVE (cause it’s pretty much the story of my life:), plus is incredibly comfortable and really good quality?  Now that’s a total winner in my book.

A sweet friend sent me this awesome tee and I have been wearing it pretty much all the time.:) You can get this amazing shirt for a really great price on Amazon right now. Here is the direct link to get your own:

Coffee + Grace Shirt

Regarding sizing: I have a size medium, and although I normally wear a size small, I love the relaxed fit of the medium.  If you want a more relaxed fit, I recommend sizing up.

Regarding purchasing: I recommend getting one.  You won’t be sorry! I have worn mine every single week since I got it, and it is still in fantastic condition!


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  1. Hey Allison,
    First off, cute shirt! 😉
    I was wondering, when you first began working out consistently, did you experience extreme pain in your stomach/chest? In the fall I played my first season of volleyball and with that came a lot of ab workouts/core building. I started getting extreme pain in the area I just described. We thought maybe it was because of the physical work I was doing in volleyball (before that, I was not active/exercising at all), since it went away a little while after volleyball season ended. In the past month or so, it has come back though. Although I have been continuing doing core building volleyball things (serving overhanded, as well as crunches/sit-ups/etc.) they definitely have not been strenuous (I’ll serve the volleyball maybe 10 times and do maybe 25 crunches and a few additional planks/sit ups). Did you experience anything like this?

    1. Hi Grace!
      No, I didn’t really have that problem, although I do remember that some of the first few times I started doing ab workouts my stomach muscles would get really sore. Chest/shoulder muscles are sometimes pretty sore the day after when I’ve done a more intense workout with the weight bench.
      I am not an expert, so I’m sure there are others much better equipped to answer your question, but I think starting slow and building up your muscles could definitely help.

  2. Yay!!! I love cute outfit ideas…this is adorable. :)I would love to see more clothing/fashion and makeup posts. 🙂

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