3 Tips for a Fabulous Weekend

If you’re anything like me, the weekends can easily be a bit hectic.  It takes some intentionality to slow down and focus on what matters.

Obviously some of us are heavily involved in ministry on weekends, or maybe have a job that means working on the weekend.  I get that, because many of my weekends are extremely full with concerts/ministry.

However, I have been thinking about practical steps to make weekends, specifically Sunday/Sabbath (whichever you observe) more intentional.  Weekends are not first and foremost about laying around (although Sunday afternoon naps are a sweet thing, in my opinion!), but about refocusing our minds + hearts on Christ, and practicing the principle of the Sabbath- a day to keep special in to rest our hearts and minds, a day He knew we needed.

I have personally found the following three things to greatly help my weekends be what I feel they should be.  When I say, “weekend”, I am referring to Saturday + Sunday, although the main principle is having a Sabbath.

  1. Skip the Social Media.  This is something I’ve been working on that has been really refreshing for me.  Taking a bit of a break from noise/culture/media/things coming into my mind + heart- I need it. It’s so good to take a step back from work emails, social media, and online stuff for a day or two.  There are times when I need to do work on Saturday (and use computer/media for that) but as much as possible I try to keep it to a minimum, and especially to keep all internet off-limits to me on Sunday.
  2. Refrain from Work on Sunday (as much as possible). This is something my parents passed down to me that has been extremely valuable as I’ve gotten older. Although we do a lot of weekend concerts, and on the farm the cows still have to be milked on Sundays, I love the concept of refraining from unnecessary work on Sundays. I’ll wash the dishes, yes, but the laundry and cleaning can wait.  I’ll do a concert, yes, but changing my violin strings and giving violin lessons waits till Monday.
  3. Spend Extra Time with Jesus + Family. When home, I love the family dinners around our big table. Sometimes it’s just us, often we have guests join.  Either way, it is a special time to gather, have a gourmet (yet simple) lunch, and cherish the gifts of life and family.  Church is a highlight of my Sundays, as well, and the spiritual refreshment is a welcome fuel to my fire!

I hope your weekend is wonderful!  Be blessed.


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3 Days’ Hairstyles in Less than 10 Minutes

Day #1: Side Braid

Directions: Start with freshly washed hair.  Scrunch in some gel or conditioner and make a quick roll away from your part on both sides.  Finish in a side braid and secure near the end with a small elastic.

Time: Approximately 3 minutes.

Day #2: Braided Side Bun

Directions: Grab some bobby pins.  Roll your braid into a bun.  Secure with bobby pins.  You’re good to go for the day!  In the evening, take down the bun and leave in a braid for the night.

Times: 2ish Minutes

Day #3: Loose Curls

Directions: Remove hair tie from braid.  Unravel braid carefully, not combing through hair.  You should have loose waves.  Pull a bit of hair on each side away from your face with a bobby pin or two.  Voila!

Time: This one takes me less than 2 minutes- YAY!

Wondering what the big deal is with doing three days’ hairstyle in less than 10 minutes?  Well, girls I am a BIG fan of simplifying daily things that need to be done!  Hair is one of these things for me.  I don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror.

Leo Babauta said:

“Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.”

Ok, so we know it’s essential to do our hair.  I’m guessing the majority of us ladies don’t wake up in the morning with hair that looks neat and feminine. (If you do, please tell me your secret!)  So, we’ve just identified an essential in life- doing our hair.  However, I think that tons of hair products, and hours every week in front of the mirror weekly arranging our hair………now that seems like “the rest” of this whole equation that can be eliminated!

If you spend 15 minutes a day (as does the average woman) fixing your hair (this does not include washing or blow drying), you will spend 91.25 hours on your hair in a year, or ALMOST 4 DAYS.  Yikes!  In contrast, if you can whittle that time down to 5 minutes per day, you will be spending 30.41 hrs per year, or a little more than 1 day. Now that’s what I’m talkin about!

I suggest the following formula:

  • Find a handful of hairstyles that take only a few minutes.  Try different ones until you find what you like, as you may find some particular styles to work best for your type of hair.
  • Practice doing these hairstyles, even finding what ones work best in sequence in between washing.
  • Rotate these hairstyles on a regular basis, and mix in some more complicated ones when you actually have/want to take the time.

May your hairstyling today be simple + efficient…….you can do it!


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