Why Should Girls Be Good With Money?

Before getting into the nitty gritty of saving, budgeting, and investing (starting next week), I want to lay the foundation for why I believe it is crucial for women to learn how to handle finances REALLY well when they are young.

Who you are when you’re young lays the foundation for who you are 20 years down the road.

Would you want to be raising a family, or buying a house, or getting ready to be a missionary in Africa, with your current financial habits?

If the answer is no, then you need to buckle down and get to work. You may not be raising a family, or buying a house, or moving to Africa today. But you very likely will be doing one of those things down the road.

Here are some reasons every girl should learn to be smart with money NOW:

To Bless Her Future Husband

If you get married, it will be a serious blessing to your husband to have a wife who already knows how to handle finances really well. He won’t have to teach you how to make and live on a budget. You can help with his business if he has one, as well as contributing help and ideas in your finances as a couple.

If you started saving money as a single girl, you will have a blessing to bring to your husband! Whatever money you have saved will doubtless be very much appreciated! Most young couples have a lot of expenses in the first five years- housing, furniture, vehicles, babies, insurance, etc and having a significant chunk of savings will greatly benefit you and your husband as you start your household.

To Be Prepared for Her Remaining Single Years

If you end up being single for years (or forever), you will be prepared to be a responsible citizen who can take care of herself. Think down the road- if you are single at 40, will you be be prepared to buy a house, or will you be renting a little apartment barely making ends meet? Girls, just because your parents provide housing, food, and a car now doesn’t mean it will be that way forever. You might be single a little longer than you anticipate, and it’s wise to be prepared to care for yourself.

I know that marriage is God’s will for most girls at some point, but I also know that many end up being single into their 20’s or 30’s, and it is wise to have a plan for that!

I have personal goals for my finances down the road. Obviously, when I get married, those goals will be modified to fit my husband’s, but I don’t want to handle my finances haphazardly in the meantime. I would encourage girls to make financial goals yearly, as well as for 5 and 10 years down the road. These are not to be held onto with an iron grip if the Lord has something completely different in mind (like giving up your paycheck to do missions for a year), but for me I find that these goals help to keep me on track and lazer-focused on being frugal and future-minded in a season of life when I could totally “live for today” in my finances.

To Put Herself into a Position to be Available for Mission Work

If the Lord calls you to the mission field, or even to short term mission work, and you have been saving and investing previously, you won’t be starting from scratch with raising support.

When I lived in Mexico last fall doing mission work, I was fully prepared to take off six weeks of work (thus eliminating my paycheck), and pay for my own ticket and living expenses while I was gone. All that using extra money in the bank and not dipping into my investments. I don’t share this to elevate myself, but to encourage you girls to start learning and saving now so that if the Lord brings you an opportunity to do missions work you are financially prepared.

To Have Money for Unforeseen Expenses

I have had friends who needed to pay for part or all of their wedding. If your parents aren’t able to help much or at all with wedding expenses, it is wise to be prepared. Sure, you can go super simple and spend very little, but if you have a wedding their will be at least some expenses.

Consider this, too- if there is something like, say, a really good photographer, that is important to you but doesn’t fit the wedding budget your parents give, you will be ready to pay for it out of pocket if you have extra money in savings.

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  1. Truly timely words as I am at a place in my life where I have a steady income.
    Thanks for your wise suggestions and helpful advice. I am looking forward to reading more!


  2. I love your suggestion of creating yearly (and future) financial goals! Personally, seeing things outlined like that is so helpful, and far more motivating.

  3. I appreciate very much your thoughts on this very important issue! I was raised in a middle-income family and never lacked financially. When I first got married, I struggled with adjusting to handling money responsibly. Although I definitely was committed to not going into debt and overspending, it still was difficult to go from spending on “frivolous purchases” like clothes, shoes, and goodies (coffee and cake!), to budgeting and thinking first of necessities like groceries and bills (bread and butter :/).
    Ten years later, I am thankful the Lord has helped my husband and I through the beginning years of newlywed life. We have learned so much (and still have much to learn!) There is a resource that I would highly recommend, YouNeedABudget.com…it’s an app we’ve found to be so useful in keeping track of our finances. When you have more than one person with more than one medium of spending (cash, debit cards, checks) and throw in online + in store spending, it gets harder to stay on top of where the money is and where it’s going. You Need A Budget has proven its worth to us in the last few years since we’ve started using it, and I recommend it to married couples and singles who want to start budgeting.

  4. I really enjoyed this! My mom always says to us “Don’t make choices now that will limit your choices later.” Not spending so much right now will help us be prepared for whatever God has in store for us in the future! I love hearing all about how to budget and save because in our family we talk about that a lot, as my mom is an accountant. Thanks for posting Alli!
    -Mackenzie Werner

  5. These are good thoughts!! I hadn’t considered all of these possibilities and the financial side of them before. 🙂

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