Why Don’t I Have Enough Time?

Have you every wondered, “Why don’t I have enough time to get it all done?”

Sharing something personal here- I am currently having a major problem getting Scripture memory done every day. I know that it’s not a time problem, it’s a priorities problem. 

Have you every looked up the definition of “priority”? It might shed a little light!

  1. the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important.
    “the safety of the country takes priority over any other matter”
       a thing that is regarded as more important than another.
      plural noun: priorities
      “housework didn’t figure high on her list of priorities”

We all have the same amount of time. It’s what we do with that time that matters.

So for me, I have not been treating Scripture memory as important. In order to get it done every single day, I am have to start making it a priority over some other things. For me, reading is something I absolutely love to do, but Scripture memory should be regarded in my days as more important than any of the books I’m reading.

I doubt if it’s only me that struggles to prioritize.

Don’t have time to memorize Scripture?

Don’t have time to send an encouraging text?

Not enough time to give someone a Gospel tract?

Running out of time to listen to that little brother’s lonnggg story?

Don’t know how to find time to get your work done?

Guess what? The One who created us is the One who gave us 168 hours in our week. 

Let’s ask Him to help us do that things that are HIS will for us today. He has indeed given us enough time for everything that he wants us to accomplish. He is waiting for us to ask Him for wisdom in the “how” and grace to be willing to realign our hearts with His and have a Kingdom perspective.

What do you struggle to make time for? I’m cheerin’ for you!

much love,


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  1. Thanks for this post, Allison! It really encouraged me and challenged me to read the Bible more often and to do so before anything else. :-}
    ~Deborah van der Stoel, PEI

  2. This is a very timely post! I’ve always had a harder time making what’s important a priority, and also keeping the daily routine stuff up there on the priority list, too. Ditching my list to do something more fun or spontaneous is definitely more up my alley! But lately the Lord’s been nudging me about making Scripture memory a big priority, and it seems like several times a week He brings me reminders until I actually buckle down and do it. Thank you for this reminder, and I will now get off and go do memorize some verses!

  3. Good thoughts here! One thing I do that helps me to get done what I plan to get done is making a detailed schedule of every day, and doing the most important things FIRST. And, like exercise, just “doing it” and not letting yourself dread a task also helps to make things happen! One other encouraging thing is to write down what you HAVE done in a day. It helps to see that a day isn’t necessarily spent uselessly, just often on different things that you haven’t planned. Thanks again for the reminder. 🙂

  4. Great post, Allison! This is something I struggle with at times, and am working on getting better at. 🙂

  5. What a post right on time! I struggle to keep calm and relaxed and be confident that God will give everything in it’s time.

  6. Alison, what a post right on time. I struggle with all of the above. I would love any tips that, you Or anyone else that can help coach me.

    1. Hey Abigail! I am glad it was good timing in your life for this post. I would love to talk more with you! Feel free to send me an ail through my Contact page!

  7. Something I struggle with making time for is Bible reading. When I actually sit down and read the Bible there are so. many. GOOD, DELICIOUS treasures in there… but for some reason it doesn’t happen as often as I would like for it to. 😌

    1. There certainly are so many treasures there, Deborah! One thing my parents have encountered and set the example in is doing Bible reading FIRST THING every single day. It is such a good start to the day, and it truly becomes a habit. You could determine not to eat breakfast, start your work, or use your phone or internet before you have read the Word. I have a habit of leaving my phone on airplane mode till after quiet time.

      1. Wow! This post hit home with me. I am a person who loves to read and I have made this to big a thing in my life that sometimes I find myself reading a fiction book before reading Gods word. Thanks so much for this encouragement Allison!

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