Hard Workin’ Gals: How to Find Your Work (Part 2)

Hey girls! Continuing right along with the topic of young women and their work, I want to talk a little today about how to go about figuring out what work you should do! There are a few things a girl should keep in mind when choosing her work.

Is the environment healthy?

This doesn’t mean perfect, but it does mean you need to be wise. Working closely as an assistant or secretary to a man (other than father, brother, or husband) could be asking for trouble. (These situations aren’t always disastrous, but they need to be approached cautiously.)

Does the work keep you from serving others?

There is no cut-and-dried formula for how much time young women should devote to various types of work (including her “paid work”, household chores, church/community projects, etc.) There are also seasons (as I have experienced) where your job may demand the majority of your time and energy, leaving little for family and investing in people.

The key is balance, and evaluating your work on a regular basis in light of how things are fleshing out with other priorities in your life.

In this job, can you become more of the woman God created you to be?

God created us and we should seek, as we work, to develop the things He placed deep within our nature.

I love thinking of my work in this way: In the work I am doing, how can I develop the characteristics God has placed within me as a woman- gracious, nurturing, strong, life giving, feminine, creative, gentle, helpful?

There is so much scope for growth of our character within the context of our work. This is exciting!

For me, it’s about more than just putting in the hours and making the money. I want to do my work not only in a way that honors God, but so that I am living out who He created me to be as a woman. Even though one of my particular “jobs” includes extensive leadership of other people, my goal is to nurture those people as individuals, invest in their lives, and encourage them. In marketing and customer service, I get to exercise creativity in strategizing, learning, implementing new methods and ideas, and interacting with customers.

Do you have a stewardship mentality?

It’s about more than earning money, although that’s part of it. It’s a heart attitude of using the resources of time, talent, and energy as good stewards.

Good stewardship doesn’t happen by default. It takes intentionality. The bad steward buried what he had. The good one put a sound mind and creativity to work and got busy multiplying what he’d been given. Which will you be?

 Which one of these stuck out to you the most? 



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  1. Thank-you for posting these! You really got me thinking again on the first point, “is the environment healthy”…. I work at a local restaurant, as a waitress with at least 20 other young people my age. With the exception of a handful, most are very immoral, and kind of shocks me everyday what they do, and the extremely foul language they use. I have had several opportunities to witness/ be an example there over the last 4/5 years by being positive and doing my absolute best, having a good attitude about a busy day, and respect towards supervisors/managers, and also (but not very often) telling them that what they’re into or saying is sin. I feel like I have this opportunity to work there, learn many practical skills, people skills, communicating and dealing with customers, getting along with co-workers and earn an income, but on the other hand it is not helping me grow spiritually ,it’s more draining at the end of the day… but it’s also one of the only places close by where I can work make that amount of money- it’s a tricky thing to weigh in the balance.

    1. Hey Davida!
      It is good hearing about the opportunities you’ve had at your job. I didn’t mean that negative co-workers or ungodly stuff happening is a reason in itself not to work there. I think that can be a great opportunity to share the love of Christ and be a light in a dark place! I was more referring to close secretary, etc. positions with a man, or perhaps traveling with male coworkers or such.
      May the Lord bless you as you keep being a light!

  2. My 16 year old daughter was just today talking about how she’s praying about an opportunity and one of the things she did was make a list of pros & cons. Might be a helpful idea for someone 🙂

  3. Thank you, thank you, Allison! I have loved every sentence of this 2-part series. So helpful and encouraging. 🙂

  4. Becoming more of the woman God created me to be was my favorite! That was so helpful to be reminded and encouraged of that ! Thanks for doing these posts!

  5. So good, Allison! And having a stewardship mentality is so important; I truly want to use my time and talents for His glory!

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