Introducing “Money Mondays”

Hey friends!

Money. We all have to have it to live, yet sometimes we have not much idea how to go about keeping those dollar bills from all being gone to the wind before we hardly see them enter our hands.

I just am so passionate about this topic that I decided to take a little leap and turn it into a series of weekly posts.

Specifically what is on my heart is practical teaching on finances for young people. More specifically, for girls (but you guys are welcome to read along.:)

Girls today are getting ripped off. Or maybe we’re ripping ourselves off.

We live in a culture that isn’t big on smart finances. It’s all about “my stuff, my way, in my time….whatever it takes to make me happy”. That’s selfish, and it’s very dumb financially.

And it gets worse…..not only is culture not telling us how to be smart with money, the church usually isn’t doing much better. Most parents these days aren’t teaching their kids about wise stewardship either.

I have seen too many girls broke at the prime of their life, going into debt when they should be putting away significant savings, or begging money for missions trips when there is no logical reason why they shouldn’t have the money to pay their own way.

There is a better way. That’s what I want to write about. If you’re wondering what I will be covering in this series, it includes (but is not limited to):


-living frugally




-stewardship (which includes all of the above)

-earning money

-cultural misconceptions about money

Thanks for reading, friends. If there you have a question you would like to see covered, leave a comment or shoot me an email. 

I am excited to talk about money!!! We all need it to live, so we might as well figure out how to be the smartest with it that we possibly can! At least that’s what I figure.


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  1. Hi Allison! I am so looking forward to this series. All of your previous posts that I have read have been such an encouragement to me and I have been able to take away points that have benefited me in so many practical ways! Thank you!
    One question I would like to know your thoughts on is the subject of spending money for gifts. Not so much in regards to family, but wondering more on the lines of how much to budget for gifts for friends… Birthdays, graduations, etc. I love to bless my friends and giving gifts is a passion of mine, but I want to be wise and realistic in this area.

    1. Aww! I remember a particular tractor ride with you a few yrs back that really was part of igniting my passion for finances. It’s an honor to have you read my posts, bro!

  2. What are your thoughts on bank accounts and using debit cards. Do you think it is better to use debit cards or cash? Do you think it is wise to have a bank account to help manage the use of our money?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!