June Goals

Sometimes you just gotta sit down and do a little dreaming and planning for the month ahead.  At least I do.:) So, first an update on how my May Goals went (completed goals in bold, other have explanations in italics at the end):

  1. Finish memorizing Philippians 1 (recite to Liz with no prompts!) This one is almost done, but I need to recite it to Liz yet. I have self-recited it with little issue, so I’m close!
  2. Run 35 miles- gonna try to snag a little quality time with a sister for a few of these miles.:) This was an epic fail due to a leg injury. I ran a few times, but mostly opted for weight training and other workouts.
  3. Read “Follow You Anywhere: 22 Little Lessons for Team Leaders”
  4. Take the little siblings on a park/picnic date
  5. Execute large cleaning + painting project at work
  6. Write 7 encouraging notes
  7. Interview + hire new hotel team member
  8. Do 6 blog posts
  9. Invest $__ (specific amount of money I want to invest this month) Close….had a technical glitch, but the $$ that didn’t get invested was saved instead.
  10. Schedule time to nurture relationships (cleaning for a busy mamma friend, talking over coffee with another friend, having heart to heart talks w/ the siblings, etc.)

And now on to JUNE!!!!

  1. Memorize first 10 verses of Philippians 2
  2. Finish reading “Sacred Singleness”
  3. Take a gift to a friend at church.
  4. Go on a coffee date with Elizabeth.
  5. Finish staff transition + training before June 15.
  6. Help Mother in the garden.
  7. Get a budgeting app.
  8. Go out for breakfast with Grandma.
  9. Joyfully pack for + embark on Summer Tour.
  10. Go out for lunch with sisters + sister-in-loves.

I could go on and on with my “dreaming and scheming” but 10 seems like a good number. And a few things to keep in mind that help me when setting goals like this:

You CAN’T DO IT ALL. Keep it reasonable, keep it real.

Don’t try to list everything, just the top 10 (or however many) that are either especially exciting, or push you a little extra, or whatever. Some that stand out.

Make sure that you include relationships in your goals.

People tend to be the things that get pushed out first if life is really full (at least for me). Making them a big part of my written goals seems to help keep the most important things in focus.

I wanna hear about your goals! Are there any you are especially excited (or scared:) about?


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Allison! A few goals I have for this month are, to memorize Psalm 139, send a birthday gift to a friend whose birthday is this month, practice with my sisters for the music we’ll be doing in church next month, and to work on setting myself up a schedule/being more regular with my online accounting/recording of my personal and business expenses/profits. 🙂

  2. Yippee for monthly goals!! I’m a list maker so I absolutely love goal setting 😉 However, I’ve decided to plan my goals for the next 3 months (for the summer) instead of each month separately. My goals include saving a specific amount of money, trying 4 new recipes, doing 4 Pinterest projects, getting some more hymn arrangements completed + written out on my composition software (I have the crazy dream of wanting to publish a hymn arrangement book in the next 3 years!), and drive more on my permit, which I just got on Thursday 😉 I’m also super duper excited about getting an oboe in the next few weeks and learning to play it!!
    I’m enjoying your posts, Allison. Keep it up!!
    By the way, does your family’s next tour happen to include South Carolina in it? Or anywhere around there? We have enjoyed all y’all’s new CD and a few of us reeeaaaallllyyy want to hear you guys in a concert 🙂

    1. Hi Grace!
      I love your goals! What fantastic things to pour your energy into! We are not coming South until next winter, but be watching our schedule near the end of the year when we put up winter tour dates/locations, because we usually do sing in or near South Carolina.

      1. Thank you for letting me know, Allison! Hopefully I can come see a winter concert then 🙂 Or, if by chance your summer tour takes you to Michigan, I will probably be up there near the first of August! 😉

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