Last Minute Gift Guide

Good morning sweet readers!

Christmas is one of my very favorite things! I love the joy, the celebration, the traditions, the nostalgia, the family.

I am so grateful for Jesus Christ coming as a baby- the whole reason we celebrate.

Today I have a little list of some fun gift ideas if you are still doing last minute shopping. These items are all from Amazon, so you can still get them in time for Christmas!

I have a pretty wide variety in this list, including a few “guy gifts”, some fun stuff for the fitness gurus on your list, good reads for bookworms, etc. In fact, if your Christmas shopping is all done, you just may want to go buy a few of these things for yourself!

Without further ado, Allison’s Last Minute Gift Guide…..a compilation of items I use and LOVE (just click on the items to shop!):

Whey Protein Powder– This is the whey protein powder I use and I LOVE. It has no added fillers, doesn’t taste weird (just a nice little vanilla taste in your shake), and is pure protein!!

Creotine Powder– Guys or gals looking to build muscles will love this!

Larabars– These little gems are DELICIOUS!!! There are a variety of flavors, but my personal favorite is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (the one I linked). These would make great stocking stuffers- you could buy the box and use them for a bunch of people!

Tim Hortons Coffee– This is a really delicious, inexpensive coffee that I have fallen in love with since I was introduced to it in Canada.

Stash Tea– If you are buying gifts for tea lovers, this tea is high quality and just plain delicious. I am linking a very fun assortment….again, this will give you multiple gifts for a great price.

Caribou Coffee K Cups– Just. So. Good.

Tranquility skirt– This fantastic skirt is available right now for less than $8!!! Ladies, just trust me when I say that this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE skirt and any gal on your list who loves simple + feminine + versatile clothing will love this one! I have an entire post on it coming soon, but let me tell you- I (and my sis and sis in loves) wear these skirts every week for everything from cleaning to running errands to church, and not only do we love them, but they are incredible quality. They run true to size, by the way.  Ok, that’s the end…..if you don’t get one, it’s your loss! (If you want to know how serious I am about these skirts, I am going to order another today because I literally don’t want to be without it when mine is in the laundry!)

Trendy United Skirt (long)– Again, this is a beautiful skirt, and on this one I especially love the details of pockets and shirring. The fabric is incredibly soft, too. I have the dusty blue, and absolutely love it. These also run true to size.

Trendy United Skirt (shorter lengths)– I have the “below knee” length in burgandy and it’s amazing! It is perfect tucked or untucked, casual or dressy, sandals or boots,etc.

Burts Bees Lipstick– I am very picky about my lipstick, because I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, or slather a million toxins on my lips, or feel completely dried out after wearing it. This stuff fits the bill! I love the Brimming Berry color so much! And it’s on sale right now for $6.43, which I think is an amazing deal!!!

My Favorite Mascara– It’s a fantastic mascara, enough said.:)

My Favorite Face Mask– Read all about it here.

Pens– Again, personal favorite, and just an incredible pen!!

Violin Books– I did a whole post here about the our favorites.

20 Top Books for Singles– Check out this post for some great book ideas.

The Family– This books is INCREDIBLE.

Reading People– A fun read for the personality guru!

Alrighty, friends, that’s all for today! I hope this is helpful to you in your last minute shopping! 


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  1. The Tranquility skirt looks super cute, versatile, and comfortable! But I’m a little hesitant to buy one because of the length. Does it cover your knees (at least partially)? I want to make sure it would cover my knee somewhat if I bought it. I love the style of it though! Definitely something I would wear often. I’m trying to wear skirts more (instead of jeans/pants) and versatile, comfortable every-day skirts are definitely something I want to have in my wardrobe. 😉

    1. Hi Grace! Look at the measurements…it depends on your height and the size you get. If you size up it should still fit and be a bit longer. I am 5.4 and the small hits right at the middle of my knee, the medium right below. Also it depends where you wear it on your waist.

  2. Thank you so much for this post, Allison! It is so helpful! I love your broad range and variety of gifts: that really helped me to broaden my “gift idea mindset” when I realized that I would love to receive any of the items on your list… 🙂 Now I really have to go get one of those tranquility skirts!! Oh, and this post made me go back and reread your amazing budgeting posts… otherwise I could get pretty carried away with Christmas shopping!! 🙂

  3. These are awesome ideas!!! The skirts are beautiful!! And you can NEVER go wrong with burts bees lip gloss, I absolutely love those!

    1. I have the burgandy and dusty blue and they are both BEAUTIFUL and go with lots of tops. I am sure a nuetral would be very versatile, too….I would love to get the taupe one sometime!

  4. Thank you so much, Allison!! Sadly, I’m not a good Christmas shopper. And since all of these are on Amazon, that makes it even easier. 🙂

    On the side note, do you happen to have any ideas for making money in a short amount of time? I would like to buy some of my friends/family some small gifts but I don’t have the money. I’m only 14 so it’s kind of hard to get a job at my age…

    – Lilly

    1. Hi Lilly!
      You are welcome!

      One idea is to make gifts- food things, coupons for acts of service, crafts, etc.

      As to making money, a few ideas would be:
      -sell baked good such as pies, bread, or cinnamon rolls
      -do babysitting or dogsitting
      -see if your parents or family members have work projects you could do for pay, especially dirty stuff!!!

      Those are a few thoughts for the short term. Longer term I think starting a small business or apprenticing could be a good option!


  5. Lovely! I need to get one of those skirts! Thank you for putting time into this blog, it is such a blessing! Merry Christmas! God bless!

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