My 2018 Goals

My 2018 goals have been a journey. Usually I just jot down goals for the year and go with it, but for some reason this time around was different. I started back in December and kept coming back, dreaming bigger, refining the purpose + vision being birthed in my heart for this year.

The goals that made it through the refining process to the “final 10” are all ones that I believe will be extremely valuable as I seek to grow and use this life for the glory of God.

This is pretty personal, but I feel led to share in hopes that you will be encouraged to set some scary, life changing goals as well.

“If you aren’t going forward, you’re going backwards.”

My 2018 Goals:


  1. Schedule a time of fasting weekly
  2. Practice unplugged evenings
  3. Plan undistracted times for relationships + rest


  1. Learn to study the Word of God instead of merely reading it
  2. Run 8 miles straight
  3. Do 2 items from my Bucket List per month
  4. Practice wise stewardship by sticking to my budget and meeting my income/saving/investing goals


  1. Intentionally invest in my team members thru encouragement, incentives, education, and empathy
  2. Go all out in serving my family
  3. Learn to better honor and communicate with my parents as an adult living at home

Obviously some of these goals encompass more, like the Stewardship and Bucket List ones. I have several separate financial goals that I lumped together, and the bucket list contains alot of random things related to personal travel, work, family, education, etc. It is a fun way, apart from my “Big 10” goals, to have a running list of things I want to do.

Additionally, in the coming months, I plan to share more about each goal and practical steps I am taking to accomplish them.

What about you? ย What goal are you setting this year that really scares you (like I wrote about here)? Is there a particular goal you are most excited about? I’d love to hear!I’m cheerin’ for you!


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  1. Oh Allison!! You inspire me SO much, dearest!!

    HA! I find it hilarious that, independently of reading your blog (I just saw this) I also had set a goal to run 8 miles straight! A stretch from 4.5! (this is one of the scary ones:). Curious-Do you have a time goal for that? One thing I love to do is to set (usually 10) monthly goals as well, which are often kinda sub goals of my “big set” for the year. So if I want to read 24 ‘required reading’ books in the year, I just pick 2 + jot them down as one of my goals for that month. Or if I have a Scripture memory goal (i.e. memorize Proverbs 9-11 for January) it SO helps to make that a priority or I won’t make my goal.

    Another thing my daddy shared with us is the habit of reviewing your goals, daily, weekly + monthly. Daily as just a review to refresh your mind, weekly helps to plan what you are going to accomplish, + monthly helps track your progress- where have I come from this month, + where am I going next month. SO good to keep focused on what is important to you. And yearly goals are so refreshing as we reflect on vision + purpose from past to coming year. Love those family vision/planning sessions.:)<3

    As a family, we have a "working on" section of our goals, where we put in relationship (Jesus, family, siblings, etc), character, habit + the like. Specificity + measurably are so key in making achievable goals.

    thanks so much for sharing! Very passionate about this area/productivity/dreaming big so this is right up my ally.:) And if you shoot for the moon, @ least you'll land among the stars!

  2. Allison, thanks so much for sharing. That’s an incredible list of goals. You’re setting the rest of us a great example of stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone and going for ‘scary’ for His sake. And by the way, thanks for creating this little home on the web. I’ve been blessed ‘popping’ over here for encouragement the last couple months or so. Thanks for the inspiration!

    To mention a couple goals I’m excited about this year (and challenged by!): I have a big savings goal this year that’s going to take some self-denial and a goal to move my cooking skills up to a month of dinner menus I can solo, which hopefully will not turn out too badly for my long-suffering family. ๐Ÿ™‚ This week I learned not to substitute basil for parsley in salmon cake – it promises to be an entertaining year! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Many blessings to you,

  3. Hi Allison! I liked how you organized your goals, it makes them seem more achievable somehow…One thing I like to do is look back on the previous year, and think about all the things I’ve learnt, and see how God has worked in my life and build my list of goals on top of that. For example:
    – During some hard times last summer, the part of the verse in Nehemiah that always came to mind was “the joy of the Lord is thy strength” , He caused my cup to run over with Joy- even when I wasn’t feeling joyful His joy was my strength-so I want to continue in the JOY of the Lord that He has given abundantly =)
    – I have learned how sweet and precious it is to “dwell in the secret place of the Most High” in prayer so I want to be more faithful and have a set time twice a day to pray and be with my Heavenly Father and to always be alert for other people’s needs, especially those of my brother and sister’s in Christ and be an encouragement to them.
    – I didn’t take much care or attention to my body this past year so I need to be more consciously aware during the day that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that I should not be feeding it junk food- spiritually and physically.
    These are my top ones, I have several other little things that I’m working on family relationships/work/projects etc, but the greatest desire of all is that we may love Jesus more and more.
    Thanks for writing your blog!

  4. My most frightening goal would definitely be to start working as a paralegal, and for my most exciting goal, probably either working as a paralegal or finishing our CD.
    My family is also looking forwards to seeing a Bontrager Family concert this year, just for us it will be in McMinnville, OR. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Thanks for sharing! I’m interested to read your upcoming posts about how you achieve your goals. I’m naturally very goal-oriented but am still looking for an effective system for meeting long-term goals. A couple or so years ago I found an effective system for monthly goals, and this year I’m trying a new one for weekly goals, but beyond that I’m still looking for inspiration.

  6. My greatest goals for this year are to read the Bible from cover to cover 3 times and pour more time/energy/money into peoples lives.

  7. Great goals, Allison, thank you for sharing them with us. I really ought to consider adding your 3rd “people goal” to my list of 2018 goals!

  8. Lovely post Allison! I feel like I always need to improve something, so my goals change alot through the year! I’ve definitely been working more on Bible study and memory more than just reading. Taking time to talk with my siblings, and helping my parents. The biggest goal I set for the year was to memorize 4 consecutive chapters of the Bible. And to get over my fear of driving..

  9. Thank you for sharing your goals, Allison!

    I love making New Year goals and go all out! Some of the more difficult goals is to disciple a younger girl and/or begin a younger girls’ Bible study. I volunteer at an after-school Bible club at a local public elementary school with a group of 5th graders, so this is their last year. I have 7 girls in my group, and I want to continue building relationships with them, especially one girl in particular. I am praying about asking to disciple her after she moves on to middle school, and if God leads, to maybe even start a Bible study for all 7 of them. My biggest goal for this year is to pursue that as well as I am able. I was wondering, do you have any suggestions on what I could do for a Bible study book, either for one-on-one or in a group? Many of them have made professions of faith, although they have only a very basic understanding of the gospel and Bible.

    A few more of my goals for 2018 are: play both my flute and erhu for church, do a study on women in the Bible, head up a youth music special for church, start running, and memorize 100 verses. I also have a goal of how much money I want to put into my bank account this year, which is one of those “scary” goals ๐Ÿ˜‰

    By the way, I’ve been keeping an eye on your tour schedule for this winter, and I was SO excited to see that y’all will be closer to us this time! The closest you get to us is Chapin SC, which is about an hour and fifteen minutes (we live in the Greenville/Greer area). We have put that concert on the schedule and Lord willing, will be able to come see your concert on February 1st! ๐Ÿ™‚ So excited!

    1. Hey Grace!
      I would love to meet you in SC!!!Please be sure to introduce yourself!
      Those are fantastic goals. I have used several books for discipleship. Some of my top picks are Lies Women Believe, Authentic Beauty (especially would be great for public school girls), Preparing to be a Helpmeet, and the Lost Art of True Beauty.
      I have also done topic Bible studies where I would study and teach on a particular topic, and then we would discuss it.
      Blessings as you launch out!

      1. Hello Allison and Grace!

        Hope you don’t mind me jumping in:)

        I can’t rave enough about Lies Women Believe enough!
        There is an updated version that comes out in February.

        However, the point of this comment is directed at Grace.:)

        There another version of LWB… Lies Young Women Believe.
        They even have a blog.

        I think that book plus the ones Allison mentioned would be amazingly instrumental to a young persons Bible study.

        Best of luck to you, Grace!
        That is a very admirable goal and one much needed these days.

        ย Thanks for sharing your goals and advice.

        On top of my personal goals, I usually ask my husband to give me a few goals.
        That has been a tremendous blessing and helped me see things from another persons point of view.
        It has also led me to new skills AND new friends.

        This year I have one goal (working on others) perhaps it js a bit self centered.
        Keep myself active and in tip-top shape.
        After recovering from a miscarriage, I want to be in the best physical shape is can be, if I’m blessed with another pregnancy.
        Body and pantry overhaul.

        My husband gave me a beautiful leather bound devotional and a year study bible.
        That is his only goal for me.
        And a few weeks in… I see the benefits.

        However, I really like the 3 categories you have put your goals in.
        ย I think I need to “go back to the drawing board” as they say.

        Hope I haven’t shared too much.


        1. Thanks so much for sharing! I love your perspective, and that is so wise to ask your husband for his goals for you. I would love to do that someday when I’m married. Blessings as you seek to be a woman of the word and take care of your body! Those are both excellent goals!

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