Recent Gifts


I am blessed with some of the very kindest of people in my life. Unexpected coffee delivery, a sweet text message, quality time, words of blessing, acts of service…..the list could go on and on. I have been blessed.


God is powerful, creative, and the Giver of all good gifts! Every sunset is unique, a reminder of the care He takes for the smallest details of the world and people He created. It is far too easy to rush through life without thanking Him for even the sunsets. He could have made the sky a boring grey every day, and then from grey to black at night, you know? But He didn’t, and we get to enjoy His creativity and power!


Recently I have been really enjoying the gifts of fresh foods. What a gift it really is! I am grateful for access to an abundance of fresh produce. Salads, veggie stir fries, fruit smoothies, and so much more- what a way to eat!

These Two

Mitchell and Bryn have been such a sweet blessing! They are joyful, grateful, hospitable, and two of the kindest people in the world, I think. This fall I have been living in their apartment and although they are gone many days and nights, they are completely generous with sharing everything they have and when they are home and we get to spend time together it is always a blessing. Mitchell is such an amazing man of God and I love watching how he works hard, leads his wife so well, and continues to invest in others. Bryn has been such a help to me in so many ways- she gives wise advice, brings humor to any situation, and has a heart of pure gold. They say, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”. Hang around people who are kind, generous, thoughtful, selfless, diligent, and Jesus-loving……..they give wise counsel and set a good example.

Sweetest Coworkers

I am truly blessed. I know many people deal with far from ideal work environments but I am blessed to work in a beautiful, peaceful environment with some of the best people. Clients and coworkers alike have blessed my life more than I could say.

Sister Time

Chels has been able to come hang out at the office once or twice a week to do wedding planning. Taking a coffee or lunch break with her and catching up on life and wedding talk have been some very, very sweet memories that I will cherish forever. The Lord is so good. I was trying to be grateful and not disappointed to miss weeks on end of her last days at home but the short + sweet times we have had together have truly been a gift.


Oh, cherish your family! Having near + dear friends experiencing the heartbreak of losing loved ones lately……reminds me of how brief our time with these loved ones really is. If everything else in our schedule has to go, family still needs to be prioritized. I don’t want to look back with regret upon busyness or days poured into others that kept me from these ones nearest to my heart. More than anything else, we should pursue the character of kindest love and sweetest thoughtfulness in our homes.

What about you? What are some recent gifts in your life? The Lord is so good- tell of His EXCELLENT KINDNESS!



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  1. Thank you, Allison. After I read this I sat down for a couple minutes and just thought about how much the people in my life mean to me. I have parents that love and want the best for me. Siblings to share this time of my life with. Friends that invest their time into my life. Cousins that mean the world to me. I have so much to be grateful for. 🙂

  2. Thank you so very much, Allison. You brought tears to my eyes, considering the preciousness of family relationships. Having had several family members and friends who are my parents age pass away recently has really hit home to me the brevity of life. How could I let busyness and schedules take priority over my family??! I’m thanking the Lord for reminders to me to live a life of no regrets, especially in regard to family relationships.

  3. YES sunsets are the best! I love seeing how the Lord masterfully paints the sky in the loveliest hues.
    Also, YES to family time! I love my family dearly but it can become too easy to get caught up in school or work and forget to spend quality time with them. Thanks for the reminder to set my priorities straight!

  4. What a beautiful post!
    Right now I’m thankful for the blessing of good friends, their support has been invaluable (I have a much loved relative who is very unwell). The gift of the right words when I needed them the most and peace of glorious sunrises – clear, crisp and quiet – make me truly blessed right now.

  5. Thank you for the reminder to cherish your time with your family. I am currently working at the pediatric hospital in my area, and there have been several heartbreaking moments when a loved one is lost younger than expected. No matter the age, it’s so painful. I come home, feeling a bit clingy, and they’re sweet enough to be willing to talk as much as I want. Good reminders!

  6. Aliison, even though I am your mothers age, or older, I enjoy your posts. Saw your family in concert in Fredericksberg, Texas. What a blessing you all were to meet and fellowship with.
    Today, I am thankful for a very sweet friend who not only suffers from some mental issue’s but is also homeless, living in her car. Seeing her makes me thankful everyday for the small things, my own bath tub, clean clothes, cooked food and family.

  7. Love your thankful heart, Allison! You’ve been an inspiration to me to be grateful even for the smallest things. <3 Recent things that I've been grateful for are…a heart to heart with a sweet friend…our pastor, offering to let us borrow books from his personal library!…warm boots for cold weather…new piano music to learn…my 5-year brother Morgan and his sweet personality. <3

  8. I love this post, Allison! You are such a cute girl! You inspire me much!! <3
    I am overwhelmed from the goodness of the Lord! He has given me an awesome family to spend time with, a great education, many laughs, and so much more!

    – Lilly Shyree |

  9. This post is encouraging!! I go to Pensacola Christian College and I have had some very difficult days because of how hard the classes are, but the Lord has been so good and brought wonderful friends in my life that encourage me in the Lord and lift me up. This is truly a gift from the Lord! Sarah

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