Why Singles Should Celebrate Valentines Day

This post about Why Singles Should Celebrate Valentines Day is (maybe obviously:) for those of you that are not married. I hope that as I share my heart, you will realize that you have more reason for celebration than you ever knew!

I love Valentines Day! I have heard it can be a lonely and depressing day for singles, but I don’t see why it should be that way! For all you unmarried guys and gals out there, let me encourage you:

You are loved. You have value because of Christ. Open your eyes to the wonder of His love and His plan for your life, and Valentines Day will take on new meaning.

I’m not lonely or sad this Valentines Day- not in the least!

I’m actually grateful that I don’t have a date, for two reasons:

1. Being single this Valentines Day means that the Lord has more work for me to do as an unmarried woman, and that’s exciting! This season is special, and I’m so grateful for His amazing love for me and purpose for every day. Even if He never brings me a husband, I will be more loved than I could possibly deserve.

2. Being single this Valentines Day means I get more time with my precious family! I absolutely LOVE this stage of life where I get to spend so much time them. I can’t imagine leaving them (although of course I will be willing when the Lord so leads). These days are precious, and I don’t want to take a single (no pun intended:) one of them for granted!

Try this: stop thinking about what you’re “missing” and start counting your blessings. Decide that you actually can and will enjoy this special holiday very, very much.

And now, I hope my list of “what” I’m celebrating can be an encouragement to you! (Check back tomorrow for practical ideas on HOW to celebrate.)

Here is what I am celebrating this Valentines Day:

The love of my parents. If it wasn’t for the Lord miraculously bringing their paths together 30 years ago, I wouldn’t be here! I get to be a prayer warrior for their marriage now, as the Enemy never stops fighting Godly marriages. (There are a number of practical ways for children to invest in their parents’ marriage, but prayer is #1!)

Answered prayer- four new marriages. My four siblings and their brand new spouses are all celebrating their first Valentines Day as married couples! This is so exciting that I can still hardly believe God’s goodness in it all!

The love that is blossoming for sweet friends (some newly entering relationships, some now engaged!). It is so wonderful to rejoice with them and see their stories unfold!

Creativity of God to dream up the love of one man and one woman for life. Marriage is a beautiful image of His relationship with His bride, the church.

The perfection of love that Heaven will be when we, His bride, are with Him face to face at last. Oh, we can’t even imagine that glorious day!

The joy of being a living vessel of God’s love here on earth, today. To pour His love into the lives of others is truly the highest honor.

Single friends, I hope these thoughts were an encouragement. I’d love to hear what’s on your heart! Please join me in the comments section to continue the conversation.



PS. There will be a brand-new post up TOMORROW all about How I am Celebrating Valentines Day. I hope you check back to get some ideas…….it’s gonna be so much fun!

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  1. That is an awesome perspective on Valentines Day! So encouraging to see your emphasis on trusting God and delighting in Jesus and HIS plan. We are so privileged.

    A shout-out to all other singles: let us treasure God and rejoice in where he has placed us!

  2. Thank you so much for that, Allison. It’s been a struggle for me in how to encourage and edify a few of my friends who get the hopeless/woe-is-me/singleness-awareness-day mopes on Valentines Day. 🙂 So a big yes and amen to your well-spoken words. I agree wholeheartedly!

  3. Thank you Allison! I think some people hate being single on Valentine’s Day because it’s not the norm. I’m 17 & for Valentines Day I try to spread more love by just being me. I would love to get married if the Lord is willing, but like you pointed out, being single means you can do more ministry in more ways than one.
    You’re posts always make me stop & think! I love them!!!

  4. Hey, any day with more chocolate in it is good in this single’s books. 🙂 I love Valentine’s Day, too. It’s not just for those in romantic relationships! I love to celebrate the love of family and friends. I will be working tomorrow, but might put on pink nail polish. 🙂

  5. Amen, Allison! Beautiful written and expressed. I wholeheartedly agree with all your points.
    This quote particularly blessed me:

    “Try this: stop thinking about what you’re “missing” and start counting your blessings. Decide that you actually can and will enjoy this special holiday very, very much.”

    On top of being grateful for my parent’s marriage, I am thrilled for my sister who is engaged and to be married this year. 🙂

    Each season of our lives, whether single or married, is lovingly ordained by our Lord. What a blessing that no matter our season we can reflect His light and love.

    Thanks for sharing!!

      1. You are too kind…! Having an attitude of thankfulness is definitely a work in progress and the Lord has given me grace to take steps to cultivate it. I certainly fail often, but He is faithful to turn me gaze back to Him. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post! Have an amazing Valentine’s day!

  6. You have such an awesome attitude about Valentine’s Day, Allison! I agree that one of the exciting parts of being single is the freedom to serve the Lord in ministry. I’m actually going to be teaching at a girls’ Bible club tomorrow with my mom and sister, and I always enjoy doing that ministry.
    Like you, I would love to be married someday, and I believe that God will provide the right man, in His perfect timing.
    I really enjoyed this post because you really thought outside the box as to some reasons for celebrating Valentine’s. Keep up the fabulous work; I always enjoy your posts. You are a big inspiration! <3

  7. Yes and amen! So many people turn inward at Valentines instead of looking for ways to show love to others. Even if you’re single God has given us people to love. Maybe it’s the folks in the nursing home, our family, or the neighbor down the street…get out there and share the love of Christ with them.
    You hit one of my hot topics. 😀

  8. Yes!! So many times (really always) discontentment simply stems from focus on ourselves and what we DON’T have. When we get the focus on to serving others and being grateful for thr many blessings God has gives us, *poof* discontentment gone! Thanks for sharing, Allison!

  9. Well, I’m 17 so I’m perfectly glad to be single lol! My siblings and I always put on a dinner for my parents pretending to own a restaurant on Valentine’s day. Usually with skits or live music 😊 Its always a blast! Looking forward to see what you’ll be doing! ~Katie

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