Why I’m Blogging

Hey friends!  So…….the girl who thought she’d NEVER start a blog is writing her first post.  Here’s why:

-In the past few years of discipling young women, I have found that while there are a number of excellent blogs, books, and resources I can point to on matters of Biblical womanhood, purity, and similar topics, I don’t know of a single resource that addresses issues like finances and fitness from a balanced, Biblical perspective practical to young women.

-There is a need for candid teaching about these things!   Money, food, relationships, schedules, fitness………every area of our lives should be stewarded well.  As ordinary and mundane as these may seem, they matter.  Sometimes we underestimate the “little things”…..thinking that if we pay attention to the “bigger deals”, the mundane will just happen.  The truth is that the littles details of life can actually have a HUGE impact on other areas of our lives.

-Have you ever wondered how to find a sane, consistent, balanced fitness routine?  I’ve been there!  Do you feel like your days are hectic and your life way too busy?  Guess what?  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Does your money seem to slip through your fingertips- never enough, always gone too fast and you wonder where?  Ok…..you get the idea.  I’m here to hopefully give a little sisterly advice.  I can’t wait to chat about whatever is frustrating you currently!  But first I need your help:

What do you want me to write about?  Do you agree that there are some issues that just aren’t getting talked about from a Biblical perspective?  What are some of the biggest ones you wish there was more conversation on?  Leave a comment (above, at the top of the post)……I’m excited to hear your feedback!!!

with love,


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  1. So, I was thinking the other day about makeup. And then I was thinking about college. And then I was thinking, “Hmm, I should suggest those as post ideas to Allison!” 🙂 So here are two new suggestions for future blog posts 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts on makeup (and outward beauty in general – hair, clothing, etc.) and also about the topic of girls and college. I’ve been having an interesting conversation with another blogger on girls+college lately… I think hearing multiple different opinions would be helpful for me personally. For the most part, I’ve been given a lot of positive encouragement when it comes to college. Now I’m beginning to wonder if it’s actually something I need to do in the future. I’d love to hear your thoughts in a post 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Allison!!! I love this. I am SO happy you have started a blog…and it’s already looking amazing. Can’t wait to read what you write, and see how God uses this endeavor for His glory. Way to go, girl…I love and miss you like crazy!

  3. I thought of one more thing Allison. I’d love to see a post on practical tips/beauty hacks. How/what you use on your skin/hair/face + how to keep it natural without breaking the budget. Thanks for your work dear!

  4. Hey Allison, I am really looking forward to what you have to share here. I love practical things! I am looking forward to it all, but the fitness and finances are at the top of my list. I think it would be great to hear simple but practical health “tips”…(not sure if that’s the word I’m looking for) :). I super appreciate your blog post about helping our brothers achieve manhood. I know I have had several conversations with you about younger brothers, and you were such an encouragement to me. I have been thinking about this a lot as my brother are steadily becoming men, and so your blog post adds more food for thought! And action! 🙂 You are always an encouragement, and your smile and countenance radiate Jesus. 🙂 Don’t ever stop shining your light!

  5. Hi Allison,
    Your blog is really nice! (And I love your profile picture!!!)
    It was really nice meeting you and your family last year here on PEI!
    God bless,
    Deborah van der Stoel

  6. Wow, this has been a great response to your request for feedback, Allison — you’re off to a fantastic start!! I would love to read substantive posts that encourage girls to sort out their life vision and prioritize their time accordingly. A huge number of your reader responses are posing that same life-balance and time-management question!

    1. Dear Mrs. A, I am honored that you would read my blog! I am taking notes of everyone’s suggestions, an I highly value your ideas. Thanks, and I look forward to writing on time management and priorities/vision in the future. I have so much to learn in these and ALL areas, but it is exciting that there are other young women who want to learn, too!
      much love,

  7. Yay! I’m super excited you’re starting a blog! I’ve been following your family blog since Bible Bee nationals. (I’m a BB contestant) I’ve also met y’all from when you came down to San Antonio for concerts through the Rugloski family. (Mutual friends) I can’t wait to read whatever you post. 🙂


  8. I’m so very excited that you began this blog! I’ve been reading your sister’s and your family’s blog for a little while, and I’ve been wanting you to have one too 🙂 I’m so excited!! Blogging is such a fun journey!
    And since I’m a blogger, I totally get the whole please-give-feedback thing 😉 My prompting blog post question would be, do you have any encouragement or advice for girls who have a mission burden, but has no opportunity for mission work on the horizon?
    I’m a teen girl, and God put Africa on my heart a little over a year ago. My family has no intentions or calling of going to a different country, and I’m too young right now to go by myself or even in a group. What types of things can a young girl with a heart for missions do while still at home?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Grace,
      Thanks for the input + question. Be looking for a post in answer to your question in the next few months.

  9. Alli!!! So glad you are sharing your heart – it is such a beautiful thing and I love your thoughts! I am already blessed by the little I have read.

    God bless you, dearie!


  10. Thank you so much for starting a blog! I have been so blessed by reading Chel’s blog the last few months. Y’all are such an inspiration to me! I will pray that you are blessed through blogging!

    His Handmaiden,

  11. This is awesome! I like the clean look to your blog and you are stunning! I agree, we need more particle tips about realistic workout routines, current church trends and issues, organization and planning, how to study the bible, managing time and money! (discussing these subjects while realizing that women from all walks of life and different family situations will read the posts :)) Please write about these subjects. It would also be great if you did a few videos, or used Facebook live to talk about some of these issues. I can’t wait to see your content!

    1. Hey Amber!
      I am so glad you like the look! I am a fan of simple things.:)
      I will consider doing videos in the future, although I’m not sure how that would go.:) Thanks for the input + ideas! I appreciate it so much!!!

  12. I’d love to know how you take care of your hair! I have curly hair that is a similar type and wear it up all the time. I notice you wear yours up a lot and would love to get your total hair care routine including washing, styling products, trims or lack there of, and hair styles for first, second, third day hair. Also if you have ever struggled with hair loss?
    While this topic can seem trivial, a person can spend an excess of time and money on hair care and products if they aren’t careful. I want to be a good steward of the glory (I Corinthians 11:13) God has given me, without becoming excessively vain and obsessed with it. I feel like a lot of hair care routines online have such a bold, feministic, rock your curls like nobody’s business attitude to them which is not exactly consistent with a meek and quiet spirit! Anyway, if you feel so led, I would be interested in your thoughts on hair:)
    Other topics that would great:
    Time management
    Cell phone management (Do you have a smart phone? keeping texting, social media in check)
    Balancing keeping the willingness and desire to be home and “domestic” if the Lord ever leads you to marriage with pouring your self whole heartedly into your current work, even though that work is in the exact opposite direction of developing good wife/mother/homemaking skills.

    1. Hello! I absolutely love your ideas! I will definitely plan to post on hair in the future. It’s interesting you mentioned “1st, 2nd, and 3rd day hair” because I had actually jotted that down as a post idea. I love seeing how little time I can spend on my hair! All your other thoughts are great, too. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Allison!! I too, was elated to see that you’ve started a blog 😍
    You have received great suggestions and as of now, i can’t think of any other suggestions.
    I’m excited to see what the Lord does through you! You will be a blessing to many young ladies ❤
    I really appreciate the way that you “saw a need, and are taking action to fulfill this need of Biblically based views on these areas”
    Blessings on your day! 😘

  14. Hi Allison!! I’m so excited that you started a blog!! I very much agree with about many topics not being talked about. I’m excited to see what you will post about on this super cute blog!! <3

    Also, is your family going to the Big Sandy conference next week? I know your family has gone before. I hope to see y'all there!!

    – Lilly Shyree (alillyingodsgarden.blogspot.com)

    1. Dear Lilly,
      I am grateful for your excitement!

      No, we will not be at the conference. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  15. Allison! I am so happy about this!! I have been waiting for you to start a blog, and this seems perfect!! It is all in Gods timing for you!! I would love to hear your thoughts about fitness and how to fit it in with your daily life, and business….I’m looking at possibly starting one myself Lord willing. I can’t wait for more posts!! I am excited to see what God puts on your mind and lays on your heart to write about!! You are a great role model to us younger girls!
    Mackenzie Werner

    1. Sweet Mackenzie, I can’t wait to write and I certainly hope it can be an encouragement to you! I appreciate the input + ideas.
      much love,

  16. Alli dear!!! I’m so super excited about this!!!! You have helped and encouraged me so much already in these areas of life,( health, fitness, schedules, finances etc) and I’m looking forward in reading your coming posts and learning more! I know that it will be a huge blessing to many! Thank you for being an instrument of God and willing to serve!
    Love you so much sis!❤

  17. So excited that you have finally started a blog! Here is a small list of things I would be encouraged to read about: money, our relationship with Jesus,when Mr. right comes, modest fashion, and being an encouragement to siblings.

  18. Alli!!! Yussssss!!! This made my day. I am so incredibly excited to see how God will use this to bless so many. So thankful for you, friend!!

  19. Actually, a thought just came to mind on something I would love to hear your thoughts on. 🙂 What are some practical ways that you find to minister to your brothers, to encourage them in godly manhood, etc? I’ve really been looking for ways to invest in my brothers lives, and to encourage them to be godly men for the Lord, and I would love to hear your thoughts in a post!

  20. Allison, so excited you are starting a blog!!! Those are all great topics on your list of categories, and I’m really looking forward to reading your thoughts/advice on them!! I can’t think of any other topic at the moment…you’ve already chosen so many good ones!! 🙂 I just love how you’re going to be focusing on practical things from a Biblical perspective…that is so important.

    <3 Elizabeth

  21. Hi Allison,
    I’m so excited you started a blog and I’m really looking forward to reading your posts! I was trying to think of a topic idea that someone hadn’t already suggested=) They are all so good and I can’t wait tell you post about them! I did come up with one thought…how about advice to {younger} girls( Like me..I’m 17=) I would love to hear what you would do differently if you could go back to your teen years, what you regret doing, things you did that were a blessing, how you responded to critiques, how you managed your time/priorities differently then you do now…etc!


    1. Dear Hannah,

      Your thought process is great…..I always enjoy learning from women a few years ahead of me on the journey! I will definitely do a post on “What I Would do Differently If I was 17 Again”. Be looking for that.:)

      I love your heart to learn + grow- you’ll go far with that attitude!

      your big sis,

  22. You’re right. There seems to be so much “stuff” written about surviving emotionally before a girl is married – it’s great to an extent…and then it all just sounds kinda whiny. 🙂 That’s why I’m excited that you are going to come from such a practical perspective. I’m excited to read your thoughts on getting things accomplished in real life!
    Sometime…would you talk about time management? And kinda hand in hand with that, thoughts about balancing all those areas of our lives –
    finances, health, ministry, family, etc.
    Thanks so much for taking on this endeavor. It is needed!

    1. Andrea, I couldn’t agree more! I love the way you described it….makes me want to write a post on that! Thanks for your enthusiasm and ideas! I will definitely write about those things!
      with love,

  23. Sista love! You are the GEM.COM + I am SO very excited that you are {finally} starting a blog! All in God’s timing! Super super thrilled about all you will be sharing here in your online space!
    Never forget that I’m your biggest fan! =)
    xoxo. Chels

    1. Chels, you are my HERO!!! I definitely have valued your support from Day #1 of this blogging journey.:) Love you to the moon + back!

  24. I’m so looking forward to reading your posts! Great idea, finances and fitness are rarely blogged about on christian blogs. Would love to hear your thoughts on how we might be able to witness to guys who are unsaved, and be a good example to our brothers in Christ, I feel that we as Christian young women are often too focused on not wanting to send the wrong message or not be a cause of stumbling by being worried that we would seem “flirty” when we’re not, that we often ignore our brothers in Christ, yet while we can be helping to build each other up. Since you interact with many people on your trips, is this something that you’ve learned to deal/ get along with?

    1. Greetings, Davida!

      That is a great question, and I will definitely consider a post on that topic in the future!

      Thanks for your input.


  25. Hi, im looking forward to reed your blog. I’m interested in finance, Christian lifestyle. God Bless you from the Netherlands.

  26. Oh Alli…this is so exciting!! I know that many young women will be blessed by you sharing here. I would love to hear more about financing and running/managing your own business(s) from a Christian young woman’s perspective!
    Love you💜

  27. This is a lovely and classy blog, such a reflection of you, and I am looking forward to what you will share in the coming months! Blessings and love!

  28. Allison!!! Go girl! I am SO thrilled that you are doing this! Your heart for the little things + passion for living fully is such a blessing to me. I am so excited to see your future posts. Healthy living, wellness, modesty, beauty inside + out; these are all crucial issues that NEED to be addressed from a Biblical viewpoint.
    I would love to see a post about strong femininity; how to have strength to do God’s work whilst still having the beautiful feminine image He has given us.
    Also, I’d love your thoughts on how have Godly role models in our lives whilst still looking ultimately to Jesus for everything. It is so easy to idolize others when really only Jesus is perfect + the true one to whom we should look.
    Love you + your heart so much!

  29. Welcome to the blogging world, and congrats on your first post! 🙂 I agree that the topics you mentioned need to be talked about more often from a Godly standpoint, and I am excited to read your future posts!

  30. I am beyond excited about your blog!!! There’s definitely a need for more practical day-to-day living advice and wisdom for Christian young women. Personally, I’d love to see posts about balancing family, work, church, and spiritual life. I seem to always run out of time or am stressed trying to do it all. Also, a post about a biblical perspective of fitness would be wonderful:) Thank you for starting this blog Allison!

    1. Hey Edna!
      I appreciate your suggestions so much and look forward to posting about those topics!

  31. Hi Allison! My days are filled and hectic. I would love to hear advice from you! I would just love to hear honesty on your struggles to. And, I would love to hear how you go about waiting for Mr. Right to appear.

    I do appreciate your family a lot!
    A sister in Christ Jesus our risen Lord and Savior,

    1. Hi Abigail!
      Thanks so much for sharing about yourself! I can totally relate, and I will definitely work on some posts on what I’ve found to be helpful in schedule/priorities.
      I will be thinking about your other suggestion.:)

  32. Hi I’m happy for u girly congrats on the blog I can’t wait to read all fun upcoming blog post lov u hugs an God bless u

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