Why There’s No Money Monday Today

Hey friends!

I am popping in with a quick blog note from my phone to let y’all know that I won’t be posting a Money Monday post today.

I just didn’t prioritize last week to get it done ahead of time, and today (after a rather full previous week of packing, travels, 6 concerts in 5 days, and tasks) my family was taking a rest day and I wanted to be fully present for that. Thanks for understanding! 

And that’s all! I am off to enjoy the rest of this day! 


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  1. While I do love your Money Mondays series, I am so HAPPY that y’all got to visit the Ark Encounter, and so thankful to “power visit” (term coined by ever-witty little sis-guess who?=) last night and this morning!!! =)

  2. Enjoy a lovely day with your family!! Looking forward to your next post. Keep pressing on to serve the King. Your princess sister because of Jesus 🙂

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